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Nintendo Switch’s hidden gems for November 2017

November was a huge month for the Nintendo Switch, getting high-profile games like DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A bunch of wonderful releases went overlooked, and the Switch Era team is here to highlight each of the Nintendo Switch titles that you may have missed. From Pedro’s review of Resident Evil Revelations 2: “Resident Evil Revelations 2 […]

top five captures in super mario odyssey
Top five CAPtures in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has been in most peoples hands for quite some time now, and if anyone was  as glued to their seat as I was while traveling the Kingdoms as one of gamings most unlikey heroes, you’ve probably beaten the game and taken control of a lot of the 50+ targets. There is no […]

l.a. noire switch
L.A. Noire’s required download is on Nintendo, not Rockstar

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo recently over the revelation that L.A. Noire Switch will require a 14GB download for the physical version, and if you want to go digital only the download size is 29GB — too large to fit on the Nintendo Switch’s internal memory. The outrage hit its peak on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, where […]

Nintendo Switch's hidden gems for October 2017
Nintendo Switch’s hidden gems for October 2017

October 2017 was dominated by Super Mario Odyssey, and rightly so: Mario’s latest adventure is currently holding a 97 on Metacritic, and Switch Era gave the game a perfect 10 calling it a masterpiece with a hopeful and vibrant outlook that “is sorely needed.”

Interview: Play Switch’s local co-op games online with Parsec

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s online infrastructure is sorely lacking — there’s no option to party-up with friends and only one game supports voice chat, and even then, it requires a phone app to use. Beyond the lack of online features, though, many Nintendo Switch games have local co-op but lack online multiplayer. A lot […]

Nintendo Switch is a haven for Zelda-clones

Zelda-clones are my second-favorite genre, right behind real Zelda titles. The Nintendo Switch has been getting a ton of awesome indie games, and among them are some fantastic Zelda-clones. Nintendo probably won’t be releasing a 2D Zelda on Switch anytime soon, but that’s fine — these Zelda-clones fill in that gap wonderfully.

Zelda not fit for smartphones
Link’s Hideaway: Zelda not fit for smartphones

From our friends over at Link’s Hideaway: “As we turn our attention to the recent Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp news, it’s important to note that every major Nintendo franchise has seen its own release on smartphones except for one: The Legend of Zelda. This begs the question of whether or not we will ever see […]

nintendo switch
Five games that would be better on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has revitalized gaming for me. Being able to take big games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and addicting indies like Stardew Valley on the go is astounding. Beyond that, the joycons in the grip may be my favorite Nintendo controller. I want to play everything on Switch at this point, […]

Arcade Archives Mario Bros.
Arcade Archives Is a Lazy Stop-Gap for Virtual Console

The Nintendo Switch has an impressive amount of first and third-party content after six months on store shelves. It’s pretty surprising, actually. Where the Wii U had month-long software draughts, the Switch has consistently solid first-party releases and a treasure trove of indie titles. Still, there’s one thing that the eShop is missing: Virtual Console.

For DOOM on Switch, 30 FPS and 720p is Just Fine

The biggest third party announcement for the Nintendo Switch back at its reveal event in January was that EA was working on a FIFA game. That was it. After virtually no third party support on Wii U, and a generation of cash-in games from third parties on Wii, I had made peace with the assumption […]

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