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golf story vintage woods

The Vintage Woods are one of the four old clubs needed to gain access to the Tidy Park clubhouse in Golf Story. This guide will walk you through obtaining the Vintage Woods!

Golf Story Vintage Woods Guide

Play the Nine Holes

Head over to Oak Manor with the key you acquired. When you first enter Oak Manor, you’ll see some grass where you can tee off on with a flag marked “1.” Tee off here and hit the ball into the large hole — which is actually a grave — to unlock the next gate. A ghost will appear and ask you to complete the nine holes in Oak Manor, but there’s a catch: they’re all PAR 1, which means you’ll need to get a hole-in-one on each hole.

You can pretty much follow the pathway to find holes two through nine. The only hole that’s hidden is the sixth hole; to find the sixth hole, you’ll need to go to the very top of the map, behind the manor. You can get through the manor’s gate through an opening on the left side of it.

Make sure you interact with the pillar with the blue text on it. This will give you some other quests that are required to play the full course.

Give the Minions Eyes

After completing all nine holes with a hole-in-one on each, the ghost will come back and ask you to play the actual Oak Manor course. Unfortunately, the instructions to do so are incredibly vague.

Return to the manor below the sixth hole and talk to the morbid kids next to the skeleton. They want your help giving their minions eyes. First, you’ll need to find the eyes. They’re basically little flowers, pictured below:

golf story vintage woods

Grab five of these and return to the kids — you can find all of them within the Oak Manor gates. Talk to the kids again and they’ll ask you to hit the eye into the skeleton’s face to the two them. After you do that, you’ll need to do the same for three others around the course. The area to tee up for each one will be marked by a green circle so you can’t miss them.

Smash the Pumpkins

Interact with the pillar with yellow text located to the right of the fifth tee-off point. You’ll need to go around and smash some yellow pumpkins that are scattered around the course.

Feed the Gators

Interact with the pillar with the red text located to the top-right of the house with the yellow roofing. You’ll need to tee-up on the chicken legs scattered on the edge of the water and hit the ball into the red-marked zone it’ll direct you toward.

Get the Lightning Wedge

Head to the giant cross tombstone to the bottom-right of the house with the yellow roofing. Interacting with it will summon the house’s owner — he’s a blacksmith that offers to make you a new club if you gather the materials. To get the materials, interact with and smash the minerals that surround the house (one of them is within the gates, near the anvil). After you collect five minerals, return to the blacksmith. You’ll be given a simple running task — just hold down the B button and run to each of the purple points until you’re back at the anvil. The blacksmith will reward you with the Lightning Wedge.

Activate the Lawn Mowers

Interact with the pillar with the green text to the top-left of the ninth tee-off point. You’ll need to interact with the lawn mowers that are scattered around the area. You can activate them by hitting them with the Lightning Wedge you just acquired.

One Last Minion…

Return to the pillar with blue text at the beginning of the Oak Manor area. Interact with it to get your next assignment. Head to the following area above the Manor and start digging:

golf story vintage woods

This will summon one last minion for you to tee-off on. Do that and after a short cut-scene you’ll come face to face with the Wizard. This is a pretty simple “battle” — just hit the Wizard with a ball three times to beat him.

You’ll be transported back outside the Manor. Talk to the morbid kid on the left to finally play the real Oak Manor course!

After you beat the course, you’ll gain access to the Manor where you’ll find the Vintage Woods and the Ghost Tee. They’re both kept in a box — go ahead and open all of the boxes in the room to get each.

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    The Vintage Woods are one of the four old clubs needed to gain access to the Tidy Park clubhouse in Golf Story. This guide will walk you through obtai
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