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A Cop From the Future

JYDGE is another top-down tactics game set in the same universe as Neon Chrome. JYDGE takes that same game engine and implements a different story and new tactics in an effort to improve upon and provide a new experience from Neon Chrome. Does JYDGE succeed in this?

In JYDGE, you don’t play as a mercenary like you did in Neon Chrome. Instead, you play as a highly trained and efficient cop, responsible for stamping out criminal activity within the city. JYDGE uses advanced weaponry and highly effective tactics in order to go in and get his job done — all of which are completely customizable by the player. There’s a ridiculous amount of customization available here.


Most missions will revolve around invading enemy bases and taking kidnapped hostages back to safety. It’s almost like Hotlike Miami in that regard — busting in and taking down enemies — but this game isn’t nearly as unforgiving. JYDGE, like the JUDGE DREDD series its name is inspired from, truly puts you in the role of a badass action hero.

The Cop vs The Merc

There is a very well constructed tutorial in Neon Chrome, but JYDGE doesn’t hold your hand. I had to open the pause menu to check out the controls and get a feel for all of the customizations. This can make the experience less enjoyable, but thankfully there’s no death penalty this time around. I recommended that you use that time to learn the way the game works.


From its presentation, setting, and visuals, JYDGE and Neon Chrome are very, very similar. Why go through all the trouble of getting the hang on JYDGE if Neon Chrome is nearly the same game? Despite all their aesthetic similarities, there is one main difference between the two: JYDGE is a lot more tactical in comparison to Neon Chrome.

JYDGE is a lot harder even though it lacks the death penalty, and at later stages, it does not mind penalizing you for your mistakes. At that point it takes three or so shots to bring you down immediately, making you have to restart the level all over again — and there’s a whole lot of bullet fire.


JYDGE offers just enough challenges to give you a reason to play and replay levels for three star rankings and coins. Gaining these coins, just like in Neon Chrome, will let you upgrade your stats and buy armor skills, making your life a bit easier but never completely comfortable in this challenging tactics game.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch

Disclaimer: A review code for JYDGE was provided by 10tons.

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    A Cop From the Future JYDGE is another top-down tactics game set in the same universe as Neon Chrome. JYDGE takes that same game engine and implements
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    I feel like it’s a lot easier to tell what’s going on on-screen in JYDGE vs Neon Chrome

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