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revenant saga

Angels vs Demons

Revenant Saga is a full-blown RPG on the Nintendo Switch inspired by many great RPGs of the past that we have grown to love, namely Final Fantasy. With all this great inspiration, is Revenant Saga an RPG gem in its own right or does it simply tread familiar ground?

Revenant Saga at its core has one main type of conflict, your usual “good and bad” — the angelic lord worshipping and the devilish soul eating beings. I quite like this contrast, as it allows the game to go over-the-top with the powers that each of these beings have, like ultra-strength. While this may sound childish in nature, I found it to be surprisingly deep and it made for a game that constantly intrigued me and motivated me to keep going in order to figure out what skills these mysterious creatures have in hand.

revenant saga

Revenant Saga is a very mysterious game; many of the game’s plot points happen when you least expect them to. The great thing is that the game manages to maintain the same level of mystery and reward throughout the entire journey.

Between Old and New

If there is one thing I would complain about, it’s the fighting system. Not only do encounters happen randomly, but it feels for the most part very shallow, even when you start unlocking more party members. This is obviously a problem as fighting is one big component of any RPG, yet in my experience I was so intrigued by the story that I felt as if the fighting sections were just borders I had to get through in order to continue the storyline. This is a double-edged sword: it shows that the story is engaging, yet the lack of entertainment with this fighting system can be a deal-breaker for those that feel as if combat and grinding are what make a great RPG.

The battles are fully 3D and remind me of a game from the PlayStation 1 era. With all these games that try to look like SNES or NES games, there’s something neat about a game looking like something from the original PlayStation. Unfortunately, Revenant Saga doesn’t apply this to the entire game; while battles are fully 3D, the overworld is a top-down blend of 2D and 3D that can look weird at times.

revenant saga

Something else that is quite a mixed bag is the audio. While the game has some great calming music and some awesome fast-paced tracks, there’s not a whole lot of variety between them. This is especially true toward the beginning of the game where you have to constantly hear a cycle between the calm village track and your “quest added” sound. This creates for an experience that is awesome when it works right and terrible when it doesn’t.

Your or You’re?

My smallest complaint, yet a very valid one, is the fact that this game’s dialogue uses poor English grammar. This doesn’t really impact the story whatsoever, but it is another sign that the game didn’t have a long enough polish phase.

The lack of polish in Revenant Saga is obvious but it has way more instances where the polished parts shine, making the unpolished parts become a moment for a quick laugh. Nevertheless, underneath the occasional lack of polish is a game that is packed with love and charm and that has one of the most mysterious and engaging stories available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch

Disclaimer: A review code for Revenant Saga was provided by KEMCO.

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    Angels vs Demons Revenant Saga is a full-blown RPG on the Nintendo Switch inspired by many great RPGs that we have grown to love such as Dragon Quest
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    I want more games that purposefully look like N64/PS1 games

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