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gonner review

Endless Platforming

With the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey, it is hard to deny that platformers can be very entertaining. Platforming is personally fun because of the pure simplicity involved with these games, but the worst thing that comes with this simplicity is the game’s length, which is usually rather short. Gonner is a platformer so loved by Steam users that it was ported to the Switch — and its biggest feature is that it’s an endless, roguelike platformer.

Gonner is an endless platformer that uses many mechanics from other popular games within the genre like Mario, but it also adds its own unique backpack and gun mechanics. The backpacks in this game add different powerups that can greatly impact your run. Guns, just like in any game, have different fire rates, blast sizes, and damages, making finding new weapons worth your time as it can always change your run in ways you couldn’t even have imagined.

gonner review

Different heads for your character can also be acquired, giving you extra hearts or defense boosts to help you on your journey. These item combinations make for a very personalized experience that makes you feel like your deaths — and there will be many — are due to a mistake you made in item choice, meaning you might have to play around with multiple combinations.

Just like its endless jumping nature, death is somewhat endless as well. Gonner is extremely difficult, in fact even the developers know how hard the game is and they encourage you to keep trying until you eventually get better at the game. Throughout my time playing both the Steam and Switch versions, I can assure that while the game is incredibly difficult, you’ll notice that as you replay the game, learn new strategies, and acquire new items you will subconsciously get better and better. As cliche as it is, the feeling of realizing how much better you’ve gotten is definitely amazing and might be this game’s biggest selling point.

Developer Love

One thing that I feel the need to point out is that the game initially launched with many, many bugs on the Switch. After looking at a couple of social media networks such as Reddit, I quickly realized just how much the developers of Gonner cared for this game and the community’s response. They were constantly asking questions about the game’s performance, what people thought of the game in general and even how they could further improve upon the game with updates.

gonner review

With many platformers on the switch right now, including Super Mario Odyssey, it may be easy to ignore a small title such as Gonner; however, with its amazing love from the developers and big variety of items and powerups, Gonner is both unique and long lasting.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: The reviewer purchased a copy of Gonner for this Gonner review.

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    Endless Platforming With the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey, it is hard to deny that platformers can be very entertaining. Platforming is perso
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    This, like so many eShop games, will be on my wishlist forever

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