King Oddball Review – Angry Birds Meet Switch

king oddball review

Angry Birds to the Core

10tons has been a pretty consistent Switch developer, putting out many games across different genres on the platform. Recently 10tons ported a mobile game called King Oddball, which has a striking resemblance to Angry Birds. This game has been fairly popular on iOS but even with the Switch’s portable nature, how does this mobile port stack up?

King Oddball is extremely similar to Angry Birds. You control a moon-like character who grabs eggs with its mouth and will rapidly spin back and forth — it is your job to press the release button in order to launch the egg, hitting obstacles and enemies. There is not much of a story in King Oddball other than that King Oddball is taking over the world, naturally. After the brief story introduction it will throw you across multiple mini-missions just like Angry Birds, but unlike that title, in King Oddball you are fighting against military tanks and helicopters, which fits the entire “taking over the world” theme.

king oddball review

Face Many Challenges

One great thing about this game is its size, there is just so much to do. This ranges from seasonal challenges, where specific levels will be made to celebrate events like Halloween. Since the game is about taking over the world, the developers created a world map that is divided into territories that function quite like chapters would. King Oddball offers a lot of replay-value due to the love it receives with updates: the game constantly adds new enemies, obstacles, and other additions like challenges, achievements, and the ability to replay older levels for higher scores.

Although simplistic, King Oddball has fantastic visuals that look very nice on the Switch’s screen. I was also very intrigued by this game’s soundtrack as I found it very relaxing. There was some clear love and care put into this title and it pays off by complimenting the game’s simplicity very wonderfully.

king oddball review

This game supports full touch screen play on Switch and while that is nice for quick playthroughs, it quickly reminds you of one thing: this is a mobile game. Some people might not think that being a mobile port is entirely bad and they are right, to an extent. You see, mobile games are meant to be played on your phone or tablet and due to that reason they are simplified, they lack any depth for the most part and are games that you can play anywhere for quick five minute bursts.

This is very important to seep in mind before making a purchase decision on King Oddball, you aren’t buying a Mario game or an RPG, you are buying a simple Angry Birds type of game. You may be better suited picking up King Oddball on your phone instead, especially since it’s only 99 cents compared to $5 USD on Switch.


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    Angry Birds to the Core 10tons has been a pretty consistent Switch developer, putting out many games across different genres on the platform. Recently
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