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time recoil review

Time Traveling Shooter

10tons has been a very active indie developer ever since their first Switch release, Neon Chrome. I have been able to receive and review each and every single one of their games thus far, so when I heard Time Recoil was going to be yet another spin on the successful format of Neon Chrome, I was pretty excited. Does Time Recoil hold up or is it just a copy and paste of a better shooter?

Unlike JYDGE and Neon Chrome, Time Recoil is 10tons’ first Switch game with substantial storytelling. There’s a group of people researching time traveling technology and they believe that you’re one of the very few people able to go back and forth in time without it killing you. Due to your unique ability to time travel, you are sent in many distinct missions that will have you changing the city’s dirty past.

time recoil review

Your organization and character act somewhat like a vigilante, taking some sacrifices hoping that the future is brighter for the rest of the population. While the story isn’t the most in-depth thing I have ever seen, it does a sufficient job in moving the game forward and giving reason for new abilities to be introduced. I was very glad that 10tons has finally started working on developing stories within their Neon Chrome like titles.

Stop, Wait a Minute!

Time Recoil, as its name suggests, relies on manipulating time whereas Neon Chrome and JYDGE rely heavily on traditional weapons and tactics. Whenever you kill an enemy, time slows down, allowing you to have a short while to think what the next best movement might be. This was something I didn’t realize would make a big difference, but it sure did. From being able to be more tactical to being able to perform chain kills easily, the time mechanic was a more than welcomed addition, and really sets Time Recoil apart from other top-down shooters on the Switch.

There was a lot of emphasis on this game’s story, so much so that they neglected to implement Neon Chrome‘s best feature: the arcade-y rogue-like nature. Time Recoil‘s story may keep you playing for a while, but it definitely doesn’t give you enough reason to play this game after the storyline is done. For this reason it doesn’t have as much replayability as Neon Chrome, but these two games somewhat compliment each other. Neon Chrome is great for short bursts, while Time Recoil is a game that can be taken a bit more seriously and will be more time consuming on the initial run-through.

time recoil review

Which Shooter to Buy?

To many people, buying all three titles may be a bit absurd and that is totally understandable. Here is a brief breakdown of which you should buy in case you can only currently afford one of them:

Neon Chrome: Takes the same style as binding of Isaac with runs. It’s a fun twin-stick shooter that checks all the boxes for a wonderful Switch Indie. Check out my review here.

JYDGE: Takes Neon Chrome‘s gameplay and turns it into a more tactical shooter game, involves short missions instead of rogue-like runs. Read my review here.

Time Recoil: Story-packed, takes the same mechanics from the two other titles and improves upon them in every single way possible with the manipulation of time.

I personally feel like Time Recoil, while shorter as far as playtime, is the most polished of all of the three and provides more enjoyment than any of the previously released shooters from 10tons.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Time Recoil was provided by 10tons for this Time Recoil review.

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    Time Traveling Shooter 10tons has been a very active indie developer ever since their first Switch release, Neon Chrome. I have been able to receive a
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    I’m a sucker for time travel stuff

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