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dustoff heli rescue ii review

Save Your Squad

Dustoff Heli Rescue II features 35 missions that send you, an ace helicopter pilot, across forests, deserts, hills, and snow fields to save downed comrades and blow up enemy vehicles. Aesthetically speaking, Dustoff Heli Rescue II almost looks like a Minecraft mod; the world, objects, and characters are all blocky like the popular sandbox game, and the title screen even has random quotes and puns — only they’re about helicopters.

Each mission begins at a base in the center of the map, and you’re able to fly your helicopter left or right to complete the objectives. Flying the helicopter is a lot simpler than in a game like Grand Theft Auto. In Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 you use the triggers to ascend and descend in either direction, and pulling off a successful landing requires careful use of both triggers. It only took two or three tries to master the controls.

dustoff heli rescue ii review

Missions have a couple of different variations. In some, you’ll have to rescue your comrades on one or both sides of the map. This requires flying out to them, pulling a successful landing, and then flying them back to the home base. Later versions of these missions will place enemies between you and your squadmates in the form of turrets and artillery — this is where your flight skills are really put to the test as your helicopter can only withstand so much damage, so you’ll have to perform slick dodging maneuvers.

Other missions may have you eliminating enemy targets instead of saving people. For these, your helicopter is equipped with a machine gun that takes out enemies in seconds. Unfortunately, Dustoff Heli Rescue II takes the firing out of your hands and auto-fires on enemies as you get near them. The challenge comes from avoiding oncoming fire, which makes sense considering it’s a game about flying a helicopter and not operating a machine gun, but the auto-firing still feels a little disjointed.

dustoff heli rescue ii review

It should be noted that the developers were able to squeeze the Nintendo Switch version into about 500mb, whereas the PC version was around 3gb.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Dustoff Heli Rescue II was provided by Rainy Frog.

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