Mom Hid My Game Review – The Eternal Battle Endures

mom hid my game review

The endless struggle to play video games despite your mom’s insidious plot to keep you from your favorite machine. It’s a never-ending battle that some say will last beyond time, but in all the uncertainty in this war there is one constant: You must play video games!

Mom Hid My Game tells the tale of a kid who is on a quest to find his handheld console which has been hidden in several places through the house. It’s another basic mobile game, but it’s slightly redeemed by its comedic value.

mom hid my game review

The art in Mom Hid My Game is basic, and it reminds me of mspaint drawings of people and animals. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular from the visuals though, and the art style makes sense for this game since it takes itself seriously at no point. I also got a bit of a WarioWare feel from the art in this game.

The gameplay itself is nothing fantastic or revolutionary, it also brought me back to the feeling of playing WarioWare. Each level has its own puzzles which are not explicitly explained, but you’re given enough context to figure out what to do. Even without the context there are sort of common sense puzzles like feeding an elephant until it poops out your game and then having to use toilet paper to clean it off. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the creativity of puzzle solving goes in Mom Hid My Game.

mom hid my game review

The controls, like the rest of Mom Hid My Game, is simple.  There are the typical touch screen controls that you would expect from a mobile port, but while in docked mode you can also use the control sticks on the joy con or pro controller to move an on-screen cursor. I would prefer a cursor that would snap to different clickable parts of the screen, but I can understand how a free roaming one lends itself to a more discovery-based style of play.

Despite the simplicity of Mom Hid My Game there is a surprising feeling of gratification when you finish a puzzle. The feeling of accomplishment has more to do with the comedic payoff than completing a challenging puzzle that requires use of your brain. The difficulty level is low, and it picks up as the game progresses, but I never felt overwhelmed by the tasks I was given. I would have liked more of a challenge which I feel would have added a greater sense of accomplishment at the end of every level, but the jokes were consistently funny and eccentric which made the low difficulty acceptable.


System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Mom Hid My Game was provided by KEMCO.

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