One More Dungeon Review – When Minecraft Meets Classic DOOM

one more dungeon review

Diving Back Into the Dungeon(s)

Recently arriving on the Switch, One More Dungeon is a title that was originally released for the PC back in 2015. It’s a first person dungeon crawler that looks somewhat similar to a little title some may have heard of called Minecraft and it also pays a little homage to DOOM as your characters face displayed in the bottom left corner starts to get a little beat up as he loses health.

one more dungeon review

The aim of the game is simple. You need to find the floors guardian, kill it, get the seal and get to the next floor. Whilst defeating enemies, opening chests and looking for better equipment like any adventurer would do in such a situation. Thanks to the games randomly generated levels this experience is fresh each time you jump back into the game and start over and you will start over a fair few times, because One More Dungeon is quite the tricky little title.

Combat in One More Dungeon is basic, but will keep you on your toes as you enter a room littered with hostile creatures. You start off equipped with a staff that can fire magic, but requires the appropriate orb to match the staff and then also a practically useless dagger. The range and damage are certainly lacking so your default strategy will be to rely on sniping enemies, but this can be a little frustrating as with the dungeons being randomly generated it is totally up to luck when you might come across a decent close combat weapon. This also then applies to potions to heal you and after a while it becomes apparent that the real war is a war of attrition. No single enemy will ever really be seen as quite a threat, but after facing off a great number of monsters you’ll soon be scrambling around for some orbs and potions to get you back into a good state of health.

The enemies themselves vary in certain ways. At first it’ll just be green snail like creatures and bats that you are up against, but as your progress you’ll find other magic users, giant spiders and all sorts of nasty creatures trying to thwart your attempts to progress.

one more dungeon review

Throughout each floor there are a lot of goodies and secrets to find as well as portals you can go through to try and get your hands on some nice new equipment. Every now and then when you find a portal you can go through it and find yourself in a new location sometimes there might be an enemy to defeat, other times it’s as simple as stepping through a door or you must navigate through a set of traps that can do serious harm to your health. Whatever is thrown at you in this location it’s normally worth it as they tend  to house a great reward, like a new artefact that can be equipped then used by pressing “B” and may let you see enemies through walls or gain invisibility for a brief period of time. Each dungeon also has an amount fo hidden doors that have a goodie behind them, every now and then you may find a chest that needs a key to be opened or you could come across a vendor selling a nice array of weaponry.

As you progress through dungeons and lose you will then start to acquire points that can be spent to apply “mutators” on your next playthrough up to a total of two. These can either make the dungeon easier like starting with more health or potions, make the dungeon harder by capping you at a grand total on one health or just make the game or just applying an aesthetic change by altering the colours. It’s nice little way to mix up your next attempt on the game, cause whilst at it’s core One More Dungeon is a solid game it does like in variety.

one more dungeon review

Now the game does boast 30+ types of enemies and over 80 items, but the biggest issue is that whilst there is quantity in types on enemies and  weapons when push comes to shove a lot of them don’t exactly operate that differently. In terms of melee weapons the only real major difference is the range of the attack and then for staffs some do vary more than others, but generally they all function the same, but have a different element. After a while this then becomes a bit of an issue as well there isn’t much fun to be had in using the same two basic attacks again and again.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for One More Dungeon was provided by Ratalaika Games.

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