Five Pokemon spin-off games we need

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In the most recent Nintendo Direct we were told about a bunch of great original games and ports coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Sadly, we weren’t given any information on whether or not we are getting a new Pokemon game this year. On the 3DS we are getting the spin-off Detective Pikachu, which we already knew was coming.

The Pokemon Company has given us many fun, crazy, and weird spin-off games that delve into various genres while staying true to its roots. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon allowed us to play as our favorite Pokemon in a dungeon crawling setting, Pokemon Ranger let us take the job as a Ranger and work with Pokemon to solve puzzles and save other Pokemon, and Pokemon Snap let us visit different areas in the Pokemon world and take pictures of these magnificent creatures.

Here’s a list of five Pokemon spin-off titles we need.

Pokemon Officer

Congratulations recruit, you have been accepted into the Pokemon Police Department! Solving crimes, puzzles, and stopping Team Rocket alongside Officer Jenny and your Pokemon partner. I’m imagining high speed chases while riding on the back of an Arcanine or a Tauros, trying to catch common crooks or Team Rocket grunts. You could even climb through the ranks to become the top officer in the Kanto region.

Team Rocket

It would definitely be awesome to play as a Team Rocket grunt. This could be more of a heist style game, where you would take assignments from Giovanni and help him take over the world. I also feel like there would be some confrontations with Officer Jenny and numerous trainers trying to stop you and Team Rocket. This could be the first time we would be able to play as the villains in a Pokemon game.

Pokemon Snap 2

Probably one of the better spin-off games from the Pokemon series was Pokemon Snap. What is just as fun as catching and battling Pokemon? Try taking pictures of them in in the wild. Pokemon Snap was such a great game on N64, and I think its about time we got a new version of Snap. They gave us a taste of Pokemon picture taking in Sun and Moon, but it was a small mini game that you could only do in specific locations. All this did was make me remember how much I enjoyed Pokemon Snap and how much I really want to play a full game where you solve puzzles while taking pictures of Pokemon.

Pokemon Cook-Off

In the animated series, we have seen Ash and the gang participate in various cooking competitions, so why not take this idea and make it into a fun cooking game? There was the mini game that let you make berries into poffins, and I think this could be expanded on by having you cook different dishes for Pokemon and humans alike. Almost like a Chopped or Iron Chef style game, where the judges are different types of Pokemon and you have to tailor flavors to those Pokemon.

Pokemon MMORPG

Take all of the ideas from above, and make a Pokemon MMORPG. This is something I’m sure many people would want and have been hoping for. The idea of an open-world Pokemon game where you can actually see the Pokemon in the wild before you encounter them could be interesting and bring a new twist to the series. In this game you could take all of my ideas above and have them as classes, skills, or factions. On top of that, allow players to customize their character and choose which region they start in. I also think it would be a nice twist to be able to start with a different Pokemon than a main starter, depending on the class or skill set you choose.

Now while none of these ideas could become real, other than Pokemon Snap 2, it is fun to dream. Be sure to comment below with the Pokemon spin-off games you would like to see someday.

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    In the most recent Nintendo Direct we were told about a bunch of great original games and ports coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. Sadly, we wer
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    Oh god what if you cooked Pokemon in the cookout game

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