Hopes and expectations for Pokémon on Nintendo Switch

A Pokémon console game has been something of a dream long before the Nintendo Switch was officially announced. Fans were anticipating a console release when rumors of the illustrious NX began circling the internet. Following the successful releases of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, fans are more restless than ever for the next mainstream Pokémon game on Nintendo’s acclaimed Switch system.

Game Freak has truly made massive leaps since the company’s initial release of Pokémon Red and Blue over 20 years ago. The series’ latest release truly displayed just how far Game Freak is willing to push its ever-evolving world and intricate mechanics of its traditional battle system. Beyond beautiful graphics, Pokémon fans have been clamoring for several additions to the world and lore of Pokémon that will surely make the unnamed Switch title an instant Nintendo classic.

pokemon on nintendo switch

Here is a short list of expectations and some hopes for the Pokémon Switch title:

An Open World

After Nintendo proved that it can successfully shift a normally linear experience into an open world title with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, fans have been begging for a similar Pokémon experience. One of the most polarizing points of the next title, players are concerned as to how exactly Game Freak will be able to make a coherent open world title that’s equally balanced in terms of wild Pokémon’s and gym leaders’ levels. A possible solution includes scaling gym leaders’ levels by how many badges the player has while restricting movement with ruthlessly powerful Pokémon, much like the guardians in Breath of the Wild.

Multiple Save Slots

For some reason, most likely because of the limited space on cartridges, players have been limited to taking control of one trainer per game purchase, a feature that severely limits the replayability of the Pokémon games. Luckily the Switch comes with a vastly larger storage space and allows players to create multiple profiles to experience multiple play styles. Have multiple saves will allow players to use the, hopeful, slew of new Pokémon and incredible scenery.

Pokémon Follow You

pokemon on switch

Though not my personal wish, fans have wanted the addition of this feature since its debut in the remakes Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Fans were excited after several leaks of the walking animations of almost every Pokémon and anticipated the return of this feature in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so there is no doubt this feature will be welcomed with open arms.

Choice in Difficulty

The complaints that Pokémon is becoming increasingly easier with each new release is becoming more prevalent, and it is no coincidence. Game Freak and Nintendo have made it clear that not only do they want to appeal to new players, they will also focus more closely on younger players. As such, Game Freak has constructed the main story of the games to be more approachable. Considering Nintendo’s and Game Freak’s target audiences will not change, fans are pleading for differing difficultly to choose from before the start of the adventure to ensure constant enjoyment from beginning to end rather than simply waltzing through the final boss fight without switching out the first Pokémon.

A Good Camera Feature

pokemon on switch

The Poke Finder introduced in Sun and Moon was…decent, but it obviously lacked the feel that Pokémon Snap inspired in all young trainers. In an ideal world, players will be able to take pictures of Pokémon in the wild interacting with each other and possibly even battling one another anywhere in the region rather than in certain spots like through a crumbling wall.

Deeper Lore and an Intriguing Story

Sun and Moon gave fans the most thorough, well-developed story thus far. All players ask is that Game Freak keeps up this turn of pace. The lore of the Pokémon world has been slowly building since delving into the darker, more harsh themes introduced in Pokémon Black and White, and the Pokémon Switch title presents the perfect time to construct a heart wrenching story that also gives players a huge look into the past and future of the world.

Travel Between Multiple Regions

Constructing Alola as multiple islands was a nice start, but Game Freak made be able to take advantage of the Switch’s storage and introduce two or more regions that the player can travel through. Each region could be comprised of different Pokémon and scenery, as opposed to squeezing a volcano, a tundra area and a lush jungle on a single plain.

More Pokémon

The biggest and most realistic hope for the Switch title is the introduction of a mass array of new Pokémon to collect. Seemingly, less Pokémon have come with the release of a new game, but considering the planning and prep for the new title, Game Freak has its greatest chance at reaching the one-thousandth Pokémon slot in the Pokédex.

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    A Pokémon console game has been something of a dream long before the Nintendo Switch was officially announced. Fans were anticipating a console releas
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    i think we need to go back to the basics with villains, bring back team rocket classic corporate criminals, that kind of goes into the story point

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    A senior Giovanni as well as Jesse and James? I wouldn’t mind that. Jesse and James were in Yellow.

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    ohhhh i want most of these so bad! it’s a crime that we haven’t been able to travel between multiple regions since gen 2/the remakes. and even though it doesn’t necessarily bother me personally, i’ve heard lots of complaints from seasoned pokemon players about the games progressively getting easier and holding your hand through everything, so being able to choose difficulty would be so helpful in maintaining the interest of a wider audience.

    but wow wow wow just thinking about an open world pokemon game gives me the biggest heart eyes.

    i feel like i care less about new pokemon as time goes on, there are soooo many of them now and i can’t even remember a lot of the newer ones tbh. it’s getting difficult to keep track. plus as an extremely indecisive person too many choices ruins my day. although it is always interesting to see what new stuff they come up with.

    team rocket is def one of the better evil teams that they’ve come up with, but the only one that’s been introduced that i wasn’t too fond of was team plasma. well i guess team flare is kinda eh too and galactic is forgettable to me. but i adore team aqua/magma and team skull.

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