Odyssey’s Satellaview Suit foreshadows Virtual Console, right?

A Crazy Prediction…

Data miners recently found a whole bunch of new costumes hidden in the Super Mario Odyssey 1.2.0 update, including one based off Nintendo’s old Satellaview service. There aren’t any images of Mario in the costume since it’s not actually obtainable in-game yet, but we do have a description for each piece that got me thinking: with such a rich Mario history to pick from, giving him a costume based on an old, Japan-only service is a little fishy.

This Satellaview costume must foreshadow the Nintendo Switch’s take on Virtual Console, right?


Satellaview Hat:

A memento of some forgotten service.

Satellaview Suit:

This outfit represents what the future used to look like.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Satellaview was a satellite broadcasting service for the Super Famicom that allowed users to play special games during a set broadcast hour, known as the “Famicom Hour,” via a bulky peripheral and a complicated setup. One of the most notable Satellaview games was BS Zelda.

bs zelda

Although Satellaview lasted for a good five years in Japan, it’s a rather obscure service that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with Mario specifically. I can’t even imagine what the costume is going to look like.

This is what leads me to this crazy prediction, though. Nintendo has already announced that NES games with “online multiplayer” will be part of their paid-subscription service, and it’s been long speculated that the Virtual Console on Switch will resemble a streaming service like PS Now, only for Nintendo’s massive backlog of legacy titles.

In a way, Satellaview is a precursor to those types of game-streaming services. And, given how Nintendo loves to troll fans on Twitter with unannounced Nintendo Directs, I can totally see them putting in this Satellaview costume as a cheeky hint at what Virtual Console is going to be: a paid-subscription game-streaming service.

Maybe we’ll find out during tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. Or, at the very least, we’ll probably see what the Satellaview Suit looks like!

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