Six Nintendo franchises we need back, and six that should go away


Picking and Choosing

There’s no other gaming company that has as many rich IP as Nintendo, and because of this, the Big N has countless IP that have laid dormant for several years. Nintendo also has plenty of IP that we’d like to see vanish from the face of the Earth. Shaun and I have compiled a list of six Nintendo franchises we want brought back, and six that we never want to see again.

Six Nintendo Franchises We Need Back

Golden Sun

golden sun

shaunGolden Sun was an RPG released for the Gameboy Advance in 2001. You play as Issac, as you and his friends embarked on a journey to save the world of Weyard from a group of villains attempting to use Alchemy against the world. Issac and his team could use extraordinary powers brought on to them through Djinn, elemental creatures found in the game. Golden Sun was one of the best RPG’s I have ever played, and is said to be one of the best GBA games to have been released. Golden Sun: Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn were the two games to follow the original; although both games were great, they weren’t received as well as the first Golden Sun. A new Golden Sun game or even a port of the original could help breathe life back into a series, and would be a great addition to the list of RPG’s on the Switch.”

Four Swords Adventures

four swords

carl“I’m cheating a little bit because Four Swords Adventures and Four Swords aren’t technically franchises of their own — they’re spinoff titles from the main Zelda series. Still. I would love for the return of these games to Nintendo Switch. The original Four Swords for Gameboy was one of my favorite games back in the day and I’ve been itching to replay it or Four Swords Adventures. The problem is that the Gameboy title requires multiplayer and Four Swords Adventures isn’t nearly as fun to play alone. A new Four Swords style Zelda game for Nintendo Switch with online multiplayer would be incredible. It can even have the same 2D visual style as the Gamecube version. Hell, I would even love a port for the Gamecube version to Switch with online multiplayer added in. And yes, I know that Triforce Heroes is similar, but that game is terrible and awful and we don’t talk about it here.”


Custom Robo

custom robo

shaun“With several games released, Custom Robo is a series that should make a strong comeback on the Nintendo Switch. Custom Robo has you play as a namable character, whose objective is to collect Robo parts and compete in various Robo competitions, striving to be the number one Robo fighter. These games allowed for a wide variety of customization through collecting and advancing through the story. The Switch would be a great home for a new installment of Custom Robo. This game could bring a nice online presence allowing players to battle, trade parts, and Robos through the internet or local wireless. I personally would love a chance to play a new or updated version of these games, they were a lot of fun and let everyone play according to their own style.”


star tropics
carlStarTropics and its sequel, Zoda’s Revenge, are such weird little adventures that absolutely need to come back. The game follows Mike, a star pitcher who uses a… Magical yo-yo as a weapon while he travels from island to island in search of his uncle, who is an archaeologist that was abducted by aliens. The games take a lot of inspiration from Zelda, although they’re far more linear and far more unforgiving. A lot of the challenge comes from archaic, NES-era game design, but both titles are wacky enough to be worth the ride. A third game on Nintendo Switch should have each island as its own sandbox with miniature Zelda style dungeons, plenty of color, and all the wackiness that the original games had.”


Advance Wars

advance wars
shaun“Probably one of my all time favorite GBA games, Advance Wars needs to make an appearance on Nintendo Switch. A turn-based tactics game that has you choose a commander to lead your army into the heat of battle. Each commander has their own unique ability, and each unit you build has their own strengths and weaknesses. The Advance Wars series had two installments on on the GBA, and two installments on the DS. There is no doubt in my mind that an Advance Wars game on the Switch wouldn’t be a hit. The game could even utilize the touch controls when in handheld mode.”

Classic Mario Party

mario party 4
carl“Again, I’m probably cheating a little bit here, but my final pick for a Nintendo franchise we need back is classic Mario Party. I’m talking, like, Mario Party through Mario Party 4 or even Mario Party 5. The franchise has really lost its way and, honestly, maybe it’s because Nintendo has made too many Mario Party games. Still, I think the franchise is worth returning to as long as it’s back to being a board game with some neat mini games and challenges. With online multiplayer. There needs to be online multiplayer for a new Mario Party.


Six Nintendo Franchises That Should Go Away

Tomodachi Life

tomodachi life
shaun“In Tomodachi Life, players could take their Mii and it gets a life of its own. Although the game had pretty good sales, I was never a fan of the concept. This might be because I am not a big Life Simulator person, and thats what this game was. This is one game that I wouldn’t mind forgetting about/getting rid of from Nintendo entirely.”


carl“Don’t freak out. I have nothing against anyone that plays Kirby and it’s perfectly fine if you enjoy Kirby. I know Switch Era’s Joshua loves Kirby and was super excited for the recent release of Kirby: Star Allies. My eyes just glaze over whenever a new Kirby game gets announced. I’m convinced that Nintendo has an AI that procedurally generates new Kirby games every week, and they’re stored in a huge vault where the F-Zero dev teams used to be. Please forgive me, Joshua.”


1080 Snowboarding

1080 snowboarding
shaun“The 1080 Snowboarding series never really stuck out to me. The game was released around the time of the CoolBoarders series, which I believed to be a better snowboarding game than 1080. As the years went on even more snowboarding games came about such as SSX and Steep, which have brought about a huge following and pushed all other snowboarding games to the wayside. With better and more recent snowballing games out there, 1080 Snowboarding just doesn’t seem like a logically series to keep around much longer.”

Pokemon Spin-Offs

carl“The only Pokemon spin-off title I’ve ever enjoyed was Red Rescue Team. I played tons of Pokemon Ranger when that first came out, but only because there wasn’t a proper Pokemon game on the DS at the time. PokePark on Wii was just embarrassing. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company should put all of their efforts into making an amazing mainline Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch. Although, Detective Pikachu seems to be the best Pokemon spin-off title ever made.”


Dillon’s Rolling Western

shaun“The Dillon’s Rolling Western series, to me, seems like such an underdog video game that never found an audience. With two games on the Nintendo 3DS and a third on its way, Nintendo defiantly wants to keep Dillon around, but why? I am sure there is a small fan base for Dillon’s Rolling Western somewhere, but most people I know don’t even know who this character is let alone that he has multiple games. If Nintendo were to make some jaw dropping mind blowing Dillon’s Rolling Western game for Nintendo Switch, I could understand keeping the series; but with what looks like no intentions to bring the game to the hybrid console, then why not just scrap the series and bring back some great ones everyone loved.”

Yoshi (for Nintendo Switch)

yoshi switch
carl“This is more of a ‘please, let this be cancelled’ wish since the game hasn’t come out yet and we’ve only seen one trailer, but the trailer we have seen for Yoshi on Nintendo Switch looked so boring. I don’t know, maybe it’s one of those self-care games where you care for a plant and nothing really happens.”

What’s your list for Nintendo franchises that need to come back and ones that should go away? Let us know in the comments section below!

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