The Sparkle 3: Genesis Review – A Swirling Vortex Of Doom

Spot the Difference

Previous to playing The Sparkle 3 I had read about The Sparkle 2 which Jack reviewed here. It sounded like a really interesting game sort of like and jumped at the chance to review the game.

From what I can tell there isn’t much of a difference between this and the last Installment. You start off as a small organism, eat food to level up and become a creature. What creature you become depends on what attribute you give points to. The more you level up, the more points you can allocate. The colour you upgrade determines the characteristics of your creature; red being focused on attack, green being more focused towards getting more food and I’m not entirely sure what blue did.

The Good

I really like the premise of the game, I found it interesting from the start although they drop your hand from the beginning and leave you to your own devices. A voice from above will occasionally give you sort of missions which involve working your way through a maze, killing jellyfish and chaperone fellow organisms to a meeting point.

… And the Whirlpool

Unfortunately, getting past the third world is insanely frustrating. This world contains many whirlpools which you can use to get to a lower or higher level and there seems to be a bug where you get stuck in the pool. The background continues to move, the music carries on and the pause button no longer works even though it reacts when you touch it. This essentially meant I had to close the game completely and start again. This happened time and time again and happens in different whirlpools.

It’s a shame that this game-breaking bug appears so often as it stops you from making any more progress. Part of the third level (if you haven’t encountered the bug already) is to defeat the Vortex Guardian. Sparkle 3 doesn’t provide helpful context clues to figure out how to defeat the boss. Previously when you have to kill what looks to be jellyfish you eat the food looking objects on their body. The same food looking objects appear on the Vortex Guardian, however no matter how close you get to it you cannot eat the food. Being the Vortex Guardian he’s surrounded by the whirlpools which have a tide that will pull you down a level. These whirlpools are so close to each other and combined with fighting the boss I found myself falling countless times. Until I encountered the bug again.

On a plus side I enjoyed the time I spent on previous levels, the music is ambient and after a long day it was good to play, Chase food and watch my creature grow. It was interesting to see what it would grow into next. If the developers manage to fix the bugs I’ll definitely pick it up again.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for The Sparkle 3: Genesis was provided by Forever Entertainment.

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