BINGO for Nintendo Switch Review – Say What?

Every now and then a game comes along that takes something we all know and are familiar with turns it on its head and something miraculous is created. Being able to revolutionize something is not easy. Few have managed it. Gripping story, groundbreaking visuals and gameplay that is familiar, but also feels like a natural evolution. Does BINGO for Nintendo Switch do these things? Of course not. It is Bingo and to be more specific Bingo for Nintendo Switch.

Developed by Starsign, costing a humble $4.99 and supporting four players I think it is worth having a quick little look at what is on offer here. Sometimes gamers can forget that warfare in modern settings, fighting on the streets or legends about someone just don’t cater to everyone. This is a cheap game aimed specifically at the casual consumer and to put it simply you can’t blame a can of beans for not offering as much as a steak.

The Gameplay

It’s a classic we all know, and some love? If  you aren’t familiar with bingo the premise is very simple. You have a card with numbers and when a number is called out you mark it on your card and when you get a full line you shout “BINGO” and win. Its got a real low skill ceiling, but for social interaction and parties it can be a good bit of fun. With that being said though this title doesn’t just offer the basic Bingo you know about it comes with three other modes as well.

First off is Buzzer Bingo. The rules are simple a number is called out and the first one to press the button gets that number. I could see this being a good bit of fun at a party. It isn’t a simple case of pressing it as fast as you can you better make sure you press it for a number on your card or you suffer a penalty. Next is Slide Bingo. Here you take it in turns to slide the lines vertically or horizontally to win. The nice twist here is that the line you decide to move will affect your opponents card as well.

The third mode is Bingo Poker. Each player gets turn to stop a on random number. You then add it to your card if it matches, but you then have to cross one of from being used later. Then as mentioned before the fourth mode is standard bingo, but you have to mark your number in the time limit. All these modes do a decent job at offering some good party fun. They aren’t that in depth, but it’d be hard to meet the same skill level as Street Fighter.

The Presentation

On offer here is a simple and easy to navigate selection of games. You can adjust the rules for each game before playing and there is no chance of getting lost in menus. Visually it is a non offensive design with a perfectly passable quality of technical output. I must say I really enjoyed the background music on the menu, it was very catchy and I found myself humming it after listening for just a few minutes. On top of all this I found the clock mascot that calls out the numbers to be a very charming little guy.


It can be played with a single joy-con. Not surprising as you only use one button and move. It does not offer HD Rumble though. One thing I did find surprising was the file size I guess they just weren’t great at compression. It comes in at 347 MB which is a lot for what’s on offer especially compared to Sonic Mania and its 195MB.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for BINGO for Nintendo Switch was provided by Rainy Frog.

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