My Hero One’s Justice Looks Rough but Awesome

The highly anticipated anime fighter based on the acclaimed My Hero Academia series recently released a trailer confirming the North American title, My Hero One’s Justice. The trailer’s end card confirmed that the game will be released in the West for Switch systems as well as PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. In an article, Gamatsu previewed a fact sheet for the game which game a brief summary of what players can expect from the game:

Your justice begins now!

Whether you want to see the destruction of humanity or believe heroes should defend those in need, fight to prove your justice in My Hero One’s Justice. The popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga series comes to life, as players experience the abilities of fan favorite characters such as Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, Tomura Shigaraki, and many more in this arena brawler, where you’ll get to choose between hero and villain in your path to justice.

Utilize Quirks and call upon your side-kicks to activate powerful attackers where your environments are at your disposal in total field destruction. The battle doesn’t just confine you to the ground—take the fight upwards where buildings and walls become a part of the action.

While this extended look at the game has fans understandably hyped for its 2018 release, the trailer also displays the rough edges around the more fast-paced, action-heavy sections. Considering One’s Justice is being published Bandai Namco, there’s very little doubt in the game’s fighting mechanics that will surely focus on mayhem and the characters’ explosive quirks. Though, the characters’ movements seems a bit gritty when compared to Bandai’s other products like the Naruto: Ninja Storm series, but that may be exactly what this new game needs, especially if the developers are considering making it a series.

Unlike the Naruto games, each punch looks as if there is a massive amount of weight behind it, and each finishing move looks chaotic and incredibly animated. Each “SMASH or “POW” that punctuates a successful strike gives the game a traditional comic book feel, proving that My Hero Academia was always a golden property for an anime brawler from its humble beginnings. 

The few unpolished aspects of the characters flying after being hit will surely be perfected when the game ships, but everything else about the game looks distinct enough to set itself apart from competing brawlers. Though One’s Justice will more than likely never see the competitive circuit, it looks to be an enjoyable experience for fans of the anime. 

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