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one eyed kutkh

One Eyed Kutkh is beautiful point and click game that manages to get out of your hands just as quickly as it gets into them. The game is so short that the ending might sneak up on you if you’re not expecting it. The short time required to complete the game is completely understandable with the price, but the overall package is well worth the cost.

The opening in One Eyed Kutkh introduces you to the unnamed main character, we can call him Kutkh. He has magenta fur and a plum colored ship that stand out as a stark contrast to the deep, dark navy background. Something in Kutkh’s ship malfunctions which causes a crash that sends pieces of the ship flying in all directions. It is your responsibility to help guide him through a journey to rebuild his vessel to working condition.

one eyed kutkh

The contrast of the color pallete used in One Eyed Kutkh is the first thing that stands out. Kutkh is instantly set apart as an outsider just by the difference in his coloration. Everything else that you see is a varying shade of blue or some other dark color. Making your character instantly stand out against their surroundings is a simple, yet effective tool of instilling loneliness. It also helps to make the bright missing parts of your ship easy to see against the murky background.

The hunt for and retrieval of ship parts lends itself well to the style of a point and click games, but it doesn’t lend itself to originality. However, originality isn’t always needed to make a game fun. With One Eyed Kutkh’s origins on mobile platforms, the touch screen controls are stellar. While using a controller it lacks a bit in the department of intuitive controls since you move a cursor to click the on-screen buttons left, right, up, or down. It’s still easy to pick up and play without any explanation which is good since there is none.

one eyed kutkh

The amount of words you will encounter in your brief journey are just about a bit more than negative one. The extent of guidance you receive in One Eyed Kutkh is a series of symbols and arrows. There’s nothing disorienting in the game despite the lack of words, in fact it is quite the opposite. The visual language—so to speak—of the game is easy to pick up since it consists of easy to understand arrows and other self-explanatory symbols.

Even though the lack of words isn’t a hindrance to the gameplay experience in One Eyed Kutkh, the story suffers greatly. The important parts of the story are still easy to pick up like Kutkh bringing day and night to the world. Knowing that he’s supposed to be a god in Eastern European folklore seems a little cliché to me. The people worshiping aliens trope is overplayed by now, and the lack of words hurts any depth that could have been given to Kutkh as a character.

one eyed kutkh

This is a beautiful game in the same way that Fe is a beautiful game. It doesn’t try to blow you away with massive set pieces or realistic graphics, but what ties One Eyed Kutkh together is the music. It’s not anything memorable or outstanding, rather, it is the keystone that supports the game. The soundtrack is whimsical while not being overbearing and relaxing, yet not boring. Turning down the music in games I’m playing is something I do infrequently for a more immersive experience. However, doing that in this game gives you a feeling of emptiness like something crucial is missing. That’s not a feeling I have all too often when I play games this way and it speaks volumes to me on how important the music is in this game..

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for One Eyed Kutkh was provided by Sometimes You.

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    One Eyed Kutkh is beautiful point and click game that manages to get out of your hands just as quickly as it gets into them. The game is so short that
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