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Slayaway Camp

Cereal Killers

What do you get when you mix Crossy Road, Minecraft, and a plethora of 90s horror movies? Slayaway Camp: Butchers Cut. It may seem like a weird mix but honestly it works and I love it.
In Slayaway Camp you take control of Skullface, a killer who bears a striking resemblance to Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series and is hell bent on taking every life from a campsite.

Characters themselves are similar to those from Minecraft only with smaller limbs and a lot more blood. From the start you can choose whether you want blood to appear on the screen or not but it’s so much better and funnier if you do. It’s not gory to a point to you’ll feel ill, after all it’s not a true to life game.

slayaway camp

The objective is to kill each camper and to do that you need only slide into them. you slide in each direction until you hit a victim, wall or obstacle. you can choose a top down view or a 3D look where it’s at a slight angle.

This is where the puzzle iteration comes into play. While some of the stages are pretty straight forward as slide left then up then right then down. Some need you to go In a certain order; scare someone to the top of the screen so that you can kill the guy in a corner you couldn’t reach normally and others needing you to walk into a telephone to bring another character to the other line. It does sound like it could get repetitive but every now and then they switch it up by adding another mechanic such as landmines or cats. yes, cats. If you do kill a cat it’s game over and rightly so.

The Jokes Are In Tents

The stories are set out as horror VHS’s and its sequels and eventually branches out into other franchises. I won’t spoil them all but if there’s a particular horror movie you like, chances are your character is in here. I particularly enjoyed the Jaws inspired stages where you play as a Shark-man and the High School levels playing as an Anxious Substitute Teacher.

slayaway camp

The narration is brilliant in this game, in the opening scene to each movie there is a cracker line which will make you laugh, you will no doubt expect what’s coming next but it will make you laugh.

Death Lends A Hand

Throughout Slayaway Camp the puzzles are clever and require some thought before you mindlessly slide up to characters to kill them, luckily being a VHS tape there is a rewind function on the left shoulder button where you can step back, you can press this as many times as you like and take you back to the beginning or if you’d prefer to start over ZL will take care of that.

slayaway camp

Using ZR you unlock a hint for 25 coins, or for 100 coins be shown exactly how to finish the level if you do get stuck. At the end of each level you can gain more coins by killing another victim by pressing B at the right moment. if you do miss you will earn a few coins but nowhere near as much if you did.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut was provided by Digerati.

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