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Egg Over Here, Egg Over There

Though it may not break any new grounds, Toki Tori is more than just a simple puzzler. The game is fun, fresh and a perfect addition to the Nintendo Switch library. Like any well-made puzzle game should, Toki Tori provides interesting levels that are frustrating but gives players a warm sense of victory after collecting that final egg.

Originally published for the Gameboy Color in 2001, Toki Tori comes with a simple premise: help the delightful titular yellow bird collect his missing, unhatched siblings. While at first exploring the evolving landscape of Forest Falls, Toki eventually stumbles upon a devastating castle full of poltergeist and traps to foil Toki at his every turn.

toki tori

Built on a solid, easy-to-swallow premise, Toki Tori heavily leans on its polished mechanics that can be immediately grasped and mastered with a few minutes of practice. While at first appearing as a traditional platformer, the game more closely resembles Nintendo’s Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker in that Toki cannot jump to avoid or traverse his obstacles. Instead, the player must find creative solutions to the many hindrances that stand in Toki’s way.

As opposed to the luxury of jumping, Toki collects a number of new abilities and tools with each new world. While in the beginning of the game Toki is only able to build short bridges, he soon gets the ability to freeze his enemies with a ray gun and even plant traps to overcome ghosts. While the game allows players to use these tools at an unlimited amount at first, most levels soon restrict players with a limited number of tool/skill usage, adding yet another element of difficulty and discomfort.

toki tori

Along with the limited tools, Toki Tori also comes equipped with the very handy ability to reverse time as far back as the player may need. A feature that I once felt would be cumbersome and entirely unnecessary soon turned into a great time saver. As opposed to being forced to restart a tiresome level that I’d failed on multiple attempts, the game allowed me to simply press a button to fly back to the ledge that I fell off of or rescue myself from the pool of lava.

The well-crafted re-made worlds are also pleasant treats for players. Each world feels distinct and offers new mechanics that are initially confusing to work through. However, once players have latched on to the core patterns and timings of enemies, several strategies can be concocted in order to complete each stage.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Toki Tori was provided by Two Tribes.

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