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Life As A Traveler

A nice little life simulator with a lot to do and learn, World Neverland puts you into a world where you create your own character and travel into the Kingdom of Elnea. The Kingdom has many citizens and your goal is to become one of them and live your best life. The cool thing about this game is that it allows you to play the way you want, even giving you the option to not become a citizen of the Kingdom.

The only downside to not becoming a citizen and staying as a “traveler” is that the game doesn’t let you progress or open up new quest; there’s nowhere else to travel so you pretty much need to become a citizen to continue in the game.

When you start out in the kingdom you are greeted by Wila, a citizen who owns her own tavern. The tavern doubles as an Inn, and is where you are able to sleep and advance time until you take citizenship. Wila gives you a few quests to get your feet wet, and helps you get accustomed to the kingdom itself. Each quest teaches you how the game operates whether you are fishing, gathering, or meeting new people. A nice mechanic in the game is the ability to “Fast Travel.” The Kingdom is pretty big and is a little confusing at first, but the Fast Travel option allowed my character to run to the location with me just watching and taking in the scenery. Fast Travel was also useful when I wasn’t too sure of where to go and helped me get to my destination without wasting too much time.

With limited quests as a traveler, you have to monitor your spending because money is mainly something you earn from quests, and sometimes from selling items you find. Unfortunately, the items you come across don’t really have much value and can only be sold for a few gold. This is something I struggled with early in the game, as I had to spend a lot of time replaying the same daily quests and fishing and gathering for items. You need money to become a citizen. One of the early quests requires you to collect 5,000 gold, which is easy to do if you don’t spend all your money on upgrading your weapons.

Life As A Citizen

Once you have the money to become a citizen, the game opens up even more and lets you explore more dungeons, participate in tournaments, and own and decorate a house of your own. You also gain the ability to take on a profession. You have the option between farmers, scholars, knights, mountain explorers, etc. All of the things to do as a citizen are enough to keep you playing the game for a long time, but most of the quest start to feel repetitive and the constant gathering and fishing get stale after awhile.

Walking Down a Path

The combat system wasn’t the best. World Neverland is an RPG and has a very basic combat system. Combat takes place when exploring dungeons, or at random when gathering items. When fighting you can choose between five options: light, medium, heavy, special, and block. The game lets you know that you can string combos together, but I noticed that the combos don’t really make much difference when used. The more I played the more I began to utilize a function similar to the Fast Travel mechanic; in combat, you have the option to auto attack, letting the game choose your attacks while you watch and hope the battle ends quickly.

Along with auto attack, there is auto explore. The auto explore is used while you are in the dungeons to help speed things along. I used this the more I played as well, mainly because all of the dungeons are pretty much the same with some background differences. The animation in the dungeons are pretty boring, as you watch your character or party walk slowly down an open road, with the occasional chest, trap, or monster encounter popping up. It felt as though the combat and dungeon aspect to the game never really came full circle. each dungeon clear felt pointless, and all of the monsters were basically the same with very little variation.

People of the Kingdom

One of the main things World Neverland wants you to do is meet people and make friends. This is first explained to you in some of the early traveler quest, where you must walk up to NPCs and start conversations to build friendships. The friendships go in tiers by stranger, acquaintance, friend, close friend, partner, husband/wife/married.

I noticed that all of the conversations I had were the same, with the occasional change in dialogue depending on the NPC’s profession. Other then that, it was the same conversation with everyone I talked to, making every NPC feel like they all had the same one dimensional personality. As you start to build better friendships with characters, you will see some of the dialogue options change, and be able to ask characters who are your close friends to explore dungeons, spar, fish, gather, and grab something to eat with your character. Some of these actions contain little cutscenes that show the two characters doing whatever they are doing over a more intimate conversation. This wasn’t something that I thought needed to be there, but was a nice change of pace and made the characters relationships feel a little more real.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for World Neverland – Elnea Kingdom was provided by althi.

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