Disco Dodgeball Remix Review – Not Your Father’s Dodgeball

Amped Up to Eleven

Some of the best games I’ve ever played with my friends involved dumb multiplayer games that we downloaded on Steam. Titles like Duck GameUltimate Chicken Horse, and Screencheat have a sort of infectious quality about them that makes them fun to play with friends. That’s the impression that I gathered from Disco Dodgeball Remix.

Robots on Unicycles

Booting up the game, I was quickly thrust into a tutorial where I learned the simple controls of throwing, catching, and jumping. Right away, I have to point out that the controls take a little getting used to. They’re extremely slippery and weightless, so it takes a while to really get into the swing of it. Even when you stop moving on the Joystick, you’ll still slide forward for a few feet. These somewhat awkward controls also made hitting people with dodgeballs a little more difficult at first.

Like I said, it’s not hard to fall into a rhythm once you get used to how the game controls. Unlike most multiplayer-focused games, Disco Dodgeball Remix actually allows you the opportunity to improve your skills even if you play by yourself. There’s an arcade mode where you can test your endurance and how far you can get as well as an online mode that is every bit as fun you’d expect, but more on that later.

Disco Dodgeball Remix does what a lot of multiplayer games don’t by giving it some replay value. You control a unicycle robot instead of a person in the game. However, you don’t choose from preset looks. You can customize your own robot and gain more items to use by completing challenges and leveling up. The game rewards you with cosmetics any time you play, which made collecting all of the items a breeze.

Duck for Cover

I’ll move on to the meat of the game: the dodgeball itself. Disco Dodgeball Remix is insane, fast-paced, and fun when you get the right game going. It captures the feeling of playing dodgeball as a kid as well as taking advantage of being a video game by adding crazy new mechanics to the mix, like power-ups to give you the upper hand.

The game is further bolstered with multiple modes that go beyond just elimination. There is Capture the Cube, Hoops, Deathmatch, and so many more. When you play locally, you can choose which mode you want to play and alter the finer details like how many points to win and if anyone starts with a power-up or not. These multiple modes work extremely well and add a lot more replay value to this game.

When you’re playing with friends or online, you need to really think on your feet and never stop moving. Make no mistake, playing online is the best way to experience this game. There’s an element of excitement lost when you’re going against extremely predictable bots. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have at least a friend or a stable Internet connection. The only downside to playing locally is that it only supports two players. That was definitely a missed opportunity to make it a four-player game. It would be great at parties.

Dodgeball and Dubsteb

Something that I never thought would work so well is combining dodgeball with techno and dubsteb music. Surprisingly enough, it makes Disco Dodgeball Remix live up to its name as well as get players pumped in each match. The stages are also responsive to the music, changing colors as the matches progress. My only complaint is that stylistically, all of the stages look the same, making them hard to distinguish from each other. That said, that’s a fairly minor complaint in the grand scheme.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Disco Dodgeball Remix was provided by Zen Studios.

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