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America: The Video Game

The moment I booted up Broforce, I knew I was in for a game unlike any other. Greeted by a 16-bit muscular eagle with American flags coming beneath it, it was clear that this game knew exactly what it wanted to be and rolled with it.

Taking inspiration from tough-as-nails shooting games like ContraBroforce brought it to a whole new level by being as outlandish and ridiculous as it possibly could while still incorporating plenty of quick-witted humor and references to popular 80s action movies. Needless to say, it’s a heck of a ride.

Bros Before… You Know the Rest

Broforce sends you and up to three other players through a series of crafted levels filled with enemies with guns, enemies with dynamite strapped to their chest, enemies with turrets, and plenty of explosions. You take control of a “Bro” who is a testosterone-fueled version of an action hero from the 80s. You’ll get everyone from Indiana Brones to The Brominator. As you beat more levels, you unlock more bros that you add to the roster. Each one has a different weapon and special weapon that forces you to change how you approach each challenge. It’s a great way of making each level not get stale. That said, not all of the Bros are properly balanced for the game. There are some that are better than others, and there were times when I wished I could pick the ones I wanted to use, as some frustrating deaths came from having an ineffective Bro.

Enemies are tough in this game. You get hit once, and you’re dead. You can save prisoners throughout each level to gain lives, but that changes the Bro you control. There’s a bit of a risk and reward scenario with Broforce, and it’s that element of challenge and decision-making that made me enjoy the game more. It never hands you assistance. Every advantage you get is something that you have to work for, which makes it both more difficult yet extremely rewarding.

Broforce wouldn’t work if the controls weren’t so fluid. You press “Y” to shoot your weapon and “A” to use your exhaustible special weapon. You can cling to walls and quickly climb up them to scale floors, and jump on a corner to backflip to even higher elevations. Everything about the movement encourages you to complete levels quickly, and it makes you feel like you’re always doing something.

If you don’t fancy scaling tall buildings, you could just blast your way through, as everything in Broforce destructible. You can literally carve your way through any level if you so choose. Having these mechanics gives the player options. Depending on which Bro you are, you might feel it best to mow down all enemies in your path or just try and climb around them until you get to the end.

Brotastic Content

Broforce won’t just thrust you in a campaign mode. There are deathmatch, level editor, and online modes as well. Having messed around with the online, I can confirm that it works well. Unfortunately, it plays the same as local co-op, forcing players to share the same screen. Had the developers implemented a way for players to move their own screens independently, that would’ve made the online more enjoyable for me. That said, it works well.

I won’t delve too much into the other modes, but they are worthy additions to the mix that give players much more to enjoy. While the campaign could keep players busy for quite some time, the addition of these other modes give it a greater replay value.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Broforce was provided by Tinsley-PR.

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    America: The Video Game The moment I booted up Broforce, I knew I was in for a game unlike any other. Greeted by a 16-bit muscular eagle with American
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