De Blob 2 Review – Shockingly In-Depth

De Blob 2, originally released in 2011 by developer Blue Tongue Entertainment and THQ, is a great addition to the Switch roster. De Blob 2 is a strong sequel to the original De Blob, adding a two player mode, and some new mechanics and items. Nice graphics and an excellent, jazzy soundtrack round out the game.

A Slow Starter

De Blob 2 is a surprisingly long and in-depth puzzle platformer. It starts off slowly, making you mostly roll around and jump onto things, painting surfaces with the different colors you roll over. There’s a timer which adds a little stress to each level, but you receive so many time bonuses it’s almost forgettable.

Through the first three or four levels, the game feels like it drags. You’re not learning too many more things, and the new mechanisms are mostly just variations on “press ZL, press A.” Admittedly, this formula stays pretty standard, but adding new enemies and new map elements starts getting you hooked without you realizing it.

Soon you’re meeting more characters, not being surprised at twists, and fighting bosses that genuinely give you trouble. Endless smash attacks may not have given a player pause in the first few levels but by the mid game start to cause major difficulties. However, many times a challenge will come up, only to be practically instantly passed by the game giving you an over-powered power up.

Who is this for?

This game is, without a doubt, intended to be a family friendly game. It isn’t so difficult or easy to not be fun, and the Switch controls are comfortable for even the smaller hands to manage. The two player functionality gives friends, siblings, or children and their parents something to do at the same time. The toilet humor is fun for younger kids, but there are also interesting references for adults or older kids, including a baffling bit of Tiananmen Square imagery.

The difficulty of the game, honestly, comes from managing the camera angle and the jumping. The frustrations that come from any platformer feel worse as the blobby character slides around and falls off of various heights. It can be frustrating to just miss a jump and have to start a long portion of a level over. Certainly this is a consistent theme of all platformers, but it feels like the controls are really against the player.

Mindless Fun

De Blob 2 is fun much in the way that Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors are fun. It’s fairly mindless, easy to master fun that will occasionally surprise you with a particularly challenging level.

A game that kids and adults can all enjoy, De Blob 2 is a great fit for the Switch. It’s fun on handheld, and players can enjoy the brightly colored graphics on the small screen just as well as on the TV.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for de Blob 2 was provided by THQ Nordic.

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    De Blob 2, originally released in 2011 by developer Blue Tongue Entertainment and THQ, is a great addition to the Switch roster. De Blob 2 is a strong
    [See the full post at: De Blob 2 Review – Shockingly In-Depth]

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