Another World – 20th Anniversary Switch Review

Another World was released in 1991 to critical acclaim, and now the 20th Anniversary edition has made its way to Nintendo Switch. It’s the same version that was released for WiiU in 2014 but any new edition for the Switch is welcome. In 1991, Another World was praised for its use of cinematic effects, influencing the likes of some of my favourite franchises including Metal Gear Solid, Ico, and Silent Hill.

The Legacy

From previously reviewing Limbo I can actually see parts of Another World in there too. The constant deaths and solving puzzles and order was seemingly plucked out and placed into Limbo.

I never played this around the first time (I was only two years old, after all) but I love diving into these retro classics. Anything that shows the heritage of video gaming is fine by me. Although being 20 years old there are no doubt many people that have experienced Another World. Especially given that the Switch is being given a port after a long line of other consoles and smartphones.

A Literal Other World

You follow Lester Knight Chaykin — a young physicist — as he parks his Porsche in front of a lab in the desert, descends into a somewhat secret lift and uses his keypad to enter his lab. Activating what looked like a Hadron collider, at this moment a lightning bolt strikes an antenna above the lab and infiltrates the collider causing a chain reaction and sending you and your desk into another land.

From this very moment you are in control. I didn’t know this the first time around as when you are transported you are dropped into some sort of lake and died. The next time around I pressed the action button and was able to swim up to the surface. It’s this moment I was reminded of when I played Limbo and died within the first minute after stepping on a hidden bear trap. I knew I was in for a rough ride. Your goal in the game is to basically survive this alien inhabited land you have been transported to.

Die Another Day

Many a death was had in my playthrough of Another World and each was unforgiving. I was being urged on to simply get up and carry on. No game over is purged onto your screen. Each time you die you are sent back to a fairly recent checkpoint.

Before playing the game you are given the options to how you want the game to appear. 20 years have passed since the release so a few more options have been made available. You can have the original music or a more remastered effects. You can also switch up the graphics from their original or a touched up version. The first looking more pixelated and the newer to me being a lot more clearer with regards to background and texture. Due to the nature if the game using vector graphics it does not have a massive overhaul as you’d except in a HD remake. However I think the updated graphics you can use are a massive improvement from the original while still staying true to it’s foundations. The background images in particular are specifically stunning compared to its first run.


The control’s for me were, in one word, are “Janky”. They were probably suitable when being used 20 years ago using an arcade stick or keyboard. But in today’s age where your moves have to be so precise I found that even so much as jumping while running had a few second delay. This became frustrating in a certain part of the game when you’re trying to outrun a wall of water while trying to jump across a pit.

System reviewed on: Nintendo Switch.

Disclaimer: A review code for Another World was provided by Tinsley-PR.

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