Guest Blog: Three ways Nintendo hypes crowds

Where were you when Smash Ultimate was announced? Do you remember the ominous eye
logo? Perhaps you’ve seen the reaction videos where the sheer excitement broke the sound
barrier. If you’ve ever wanted to pull back the marketing curtain, here are three ways Nintendo
hypes a crowd.

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest blog courtesy of Mohammed Maxwel Hasan. You can find him on Twitter @MohammedMaxwel and on Instagram @mohammedmaxwel.

Strange, Yet Familiar

Metroid Prime 4 started with a hazy blue number “4” then bam, logo.
Mario Odyssey featured a New York styled area, then the iconic mustached marvel
pipes up from the sewage cover.

The recent marketing strategy is to pique your interest, showing something you wouldn’t
normally expect. Afterwards, they introduce a familiar face within that new setting. It’s a
far more compelling way to captivate fans as opposed to just dishing out facts from the
get-go. It’s almost like you’ve gotten an unexpected visit from a loved one while you
were on vacation.

Wild and Wacky

Nintendo can sometimes push the eccentric envelope. For Super Mario Odyssey, they had a
full musical in the streets of New York. It’s entertaining, it’s engaging, and it’s electrifying.

By getting more people involved, it’ll get people talking. And when more people get
super stoked about an event, the energy ripples over.

Nostalgia Hits You Like a Train

Nintendo knows how to pluck your heart strings. Their trailers take you back to a time
where life seemed happier. The epitome of nostalgia highlights the pain of growing up
and having to change the bond with the characters you deeply knew.

As the years pass, your responsibilities and aspirations evolve. So, when you see those beloved characters again in a new adventure, it transports you to those cherished moments like a carousel.
Crowds filled with nostalgia will definitely roar.

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