The best roguelikes on Nintendo Switch

What are the best roguelikes on Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch has a wide variety of roguelikes. Another week, another roguelike — at least that’s what it feels like for the most bloated genre on Nintendo Switch. There are some really fantastic roguelike games and some really terrible ones.

Some roguelikes are more or less rogue-ish than others.

Too many to sort through! But the Switch Era Team has you covered.

The best roguelikes on Nintendo Switch:


Immortal Redneck

“Immortal Redneck is some real good rootin, tootin, shootin fun. When your biggest complaint with a game is that you wish there was more, that should indicate how I feel about it. The variety in weaponry and scrolls is astounding. That does a great job of making the core game stay fun and fresh for a lot longer than you’d expect. At $19.99 if you love old school FPS action you should really check this one out. It’s an awesome game and I think I’m gonna play some more.” Read Jack’s full review here


Steredenn: Binary Stars Review

“You start off Steredenn with a basic ship and then unlock more as you progress. All of these have their own strengths and weaknesses and really mix up the gameplay. I say “all” yet I haven’t unlocked the final one, you have to beat the final boss without getting hit to get that one. Each ship can carry two different weapons and Steredenn has an awesome amount on offer. 40+ in fact and the majority of them are great, there are only one or two stinkers. I found a lightsaber today and it just didn’t do the job for me. Just like the ships and levels they vary so much that they alter the gameplay greatly. Flamethrowers, shotguns, bots, lasers, machine guns, rockets, and so many more. It’s just another feature that adds so much variety and each run feel different.” Read Jack’s full review here



Carl writes: “Tangledeep has the inviting aesthetic of classic SNES RGPs like Secret of Mana or Terranigma, but it couldn’t be any more different than the RPGs on Nintendo’s 16-bit console. This is a classic roguelike through and through; each room of the randomly-generated dungeon, known as the tangledeep, is grid-based and players and enemies each take turns moving and attacking across the map. The gameplay is fluid — you won’t know it’s turn-based until you pause to stare at three enemies surrounding you — and it’s brutally difficult. There’s an adventure mode for roguelike newcomers and a whole bunch of classes to pick from. Its pretty aesthetics effectively mask the difficulty hidden within.”



“After the opening killing spree the true game begins and things start to make a little bit more sense. Now with one person being alive, the three other players have become spectres they must possess fixtures to launch at the player who is alive and summon monsters that the player themself controls to kill the one human stumbling through the dreadful environment they are stuck in. The human player must fight back the monsters summoned, dodge possessed boxes being flung at them (as well as all sorts of traps), find cash to buy better weapons and level up to level ten so they can then make an attempt on the boss so that they they can escape from the nightmare. If the human is killed they then become a spectre and ghastly ghoul who finished off the living then becomes human and it is their turn to make it out until they die and someone else gets a turn.” Read Jack’s full review here



“By having that addition of mobility, Flinthook not only feels different, but he controls very well. He can also wall jump and shoot in addition to swinging around, so he’s no slouch in combat either. That said, the joystick for aiming is tied to the joystick for moving, so it gets a bit frustrating trying to gun down enemies at weird angles. It also doesn’t help firefights when a lot of the enemies look and function the same. You just have to fight more of them at a time the farther you get into the game.” Read Joshua’s full review here


The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Carl writes: “You can’t do a roguelike list for any system and not include The Binding of Isaac. Luckily for Nintendo Switch owners, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is the best version of an already outstanding game. Set aside the flash-game aesthetic and the mild edginess — this is one of the greatest roguelike titles, period. There’s just so much content here, from unique challenges, to crazy upgrades, to playable characters. If you’ve never played The Binding of Isaac in any form, this version is a must-have.”


Into the Breach

Carl writes: “I’m a sucker for mechs and time travel. Into the Breach has both of those things, along with some really great turn-based-strategy and roguelike elements. At first glance, Into the Breach looks like a very simple game — the battles are on a tiny square and you only get three mechs, while the alien creatures you battle get five or six units. But it’s such a deep game. Each mech you control (of which there are several different teams of three to unlock) have their own special abilities and quirks that must be used in tandem to defeat the enemies. And when you’ve taken too much damage and can’t go on, it’s time to travel back in time and start a new run — while still retaining the new mech teams and skills you’ve unlocked.”


Enter the Gungeon

“Make no mistake. Enter the Gungeon is a roguelike through and through. However, where it changes things is up is in the marriage of those elements and a top-down bullet hell experience. On paper, it seems like this game wouldn’t work, but the developers had such a clear vision in mind that it’s a pure joy to play from start to finish. […] Not only is Enter the Gungeon a fresh take on the roguelike genre, but it’s a perfect blend of different gameplay mechanics that make it a non-stop thrill to experience. Everything from the bizarre weapons to the colorful boss fights kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I’ve not seen everything that the game has to offer, but I’m ready for more each time I enter the Gungeon.” Read Joshua’s full review here


Darkest Dungeon

“The sound of howling beasts and moaning abominations grow louder and louder and the room grows darker as your final torch fizzles out. The pitch black darkness of the corridor accelerates your party’s stress, especially for your Masochistic Highwayman — who then suffers a heart attack and dies. The worst part of it, aside from the permadeath your best Highwayman just succumbed to, is that all of this happened a few paces away from the dungeon’s boss. That’s the first few hours of Darkest Dungeon in a nutshell. […] The most brilliant part of Darkest Dungeon is how its haunting score and terrifying vistas create an atmosphere of stress and intimidation that seeps out of the characters and into the player. Don’t let it defeat you, though. Overcoming that stress and intimidation, just as your characters do, and conquering Darkest Dungeon is one of the most satisfying experiences available on Nintendo Switch.” Read Carl’s full review here


Dead Cells

“Dead Cells is a part of the ever growing genre known as Roguevania. It makes use of randomly generated locations but also mixes in some permanent upgrades to open up new places to explore. It describes itself as “2D Souls” action and for the layman that is a fitting description, but I’d say it feels more similar to Bloodborne. […] Dead Cells is an amazing title. One that has me coming back for more and more. A game that still surprises me with what secrets there are to be found. The combat is great and what really lifts this title above the competition. Easy to pick up, but a lot of skill is involved. Multiple routes and a mighty amount of builds mean there is plenty of reason to jump back in and when you feel like you’ve had enough you can always check out the Daily Challenges.” Read Jack’s full review here

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    You don’t know what a roguelike is because most of games here are roguelites.

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      Some roguelikes are more or less rogue-ish than others.

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