Four Nintendo Direct predictions so safe they won’t happen

Nintendo has finally revealed the date for the next Nintendo Direct, and in a surprising turn of events, the rumored date from King Zell turned out to be spot-on: tomorrow, February 13, at 2PM PT.

The Big N is known to dazzle, perplex, and disappoint with their Nintendo Direct presentations; if I had a dime for every Nintendo Direct that was a dud then I wouldn’t be overloading this site with ads!

With that in mind, here are five predictions for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct that are too safe to happen. It’s gonna be a dazzling and perplexing one tomorrow!

Final Fantasy VII releases after the Direct

The last we’ve heard about Final Fantasy VII is that it’s “coming soon.” The last Nintendo Direct (was it the last one? It’s been so long!) had all those Final Fantasy announcements, and Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition was available after the direct for a discounted price. I don’t think Final Fantasy VII is going to get a discount — it’s going to be a full $19.99 in true Square fashion — but it would certainly be made available after the presentation (or the following day since it’s a Thursday). Or not! This one seems like a no-brainer, so we’ll probably get Final Fantasy on Nintendo Switch Online instead.

Pikmin 3 is the next Wii U port

Years ago, Shigeru Miyamoto remarked that Pikmin 4 was nearly done. It’s been radio silence on the Pikmin-front since then. We’re definitely not getting an announcement here, though! Nintendo is far more likely to port Pikmin 3 to Nintendo Switch first, and even then, I think this incredibly safe prediction will be swapped with a port of Super Mario Maker — disappointing everyone that wants a sequel (and Pikmin!) instead.

Metroid Prime HD, not Metroid Prime Trilogy

With the recent delay of Metroid Prime 4, I think it’s entirely possible that Nintendo re-releases HD ports of each of the three Metroid Prime individually between now and 4‘s eventual release. I mean, Metroid Prime Trilogy is such a great package to begin with — that in HD on Nintendo Switch would just be too powerful to exist. We would all buy each HD re-release, too. But — there’s not going to be a Metroid appearance tomorrow, and I think we all know that deep down.

The only Zelda game will be A Link to the Past

…For Nintendo Switch Online: Super Nintendo Entertainment System! A dataminer recently uncovered a list of SNES titles within the code for the NES Online app, and I suspect we’ll get a sizzle-reel here of all the different titles that were datamined — including A Link to the Past. And that’ll be the only appearance for a Zelda game tomorrow. No Skyward Sword HD and no Link’s Awakening remake, no matter how much I want it. Here’s the twist! SNES Online is still going to show up tomorrow, but it will require a one-time payment of $9.99 to download, only available and playable for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

What are your Nintendo Switch predictions that are so safe they WON’T happen?

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