Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games – The Best of the Best

top 10 nintendo switch games

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games

What are the Top 10 Nintendo Switch games? There are so many great Nintendo Switch games that finding the Top 10 Nintendo Switch games can be a little intimidating to search through. There are tons of great indie games, third-party games, and first-party games on Nintendo Switch. The Top 10 Nintendo Switch games is a list of games that you will play for hours on end.

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The Top 10 Nintendo Switch games await you below.

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games:


Dragon Quest Builders

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“On the surface, Dragon Quest Builders looks very similar to Minecraft. The world is made up of blocks that players destroy to gather various resources, and then use those resources to craft objects like doors, forges, windows, and so on. Thankfully, Dragon Quest Builders merely takes the base fundamentals of Minecraft and fuses it with the Dragon Quest charm and plenty of new gameplay mechanics. The music and visual style, for instance, are one-hundred percent Dragon Quest. All of the classic sound effects and tunes are here, and the game runs flawlessly on Nintendo Switch in both docked and portable mode.” Read Carl’s full review here


Sonic Mania

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“Sonic Mania is a real gem — or should I say emerald? It’s a game that any Sonic fan should get immediately. On top of that any platforming fan or gamer in general owes it to themselves to check it out as this really is a labour of love that should be appreciated and there is no better system to purchase this on other than the Nintendo Switch. Being able to play on the big screen or get it out to play through a Zone quickly whilst on the bus is a great feature making it an excellent game to kill time no matter where you are.” Read Jack’s full review here


Dead Cells

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“Dead Cells is an amazing title. One that has me coming back for more and more. A game that still surprises me with what secrets there are to be found. The combat is great and what really lifts this title above the competition. Easy to pick up, but a lot of skill is involved. Multiple routes and a mighty amount of builds mean there is plenty of reason to jump back in and when you feel like you’ve had enough you can always check out the Daily Challenges.” Read Jack’s full review here


The Messenger

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“At first, I was content with the fact that The Messenger felt like the fun game I imagined it would be. Then time travel came along and changed how I look at video games. The Messenger is hands down the best game I have played this year. It may even become one of my all-time favorite games. There’s no doubt in my mind that it is one of the greatest indie games ever created. This title is an absolute must-buy for any Switch owner. If you’re reading this right now go buy a Switch and get The Messenger. It is the epitome of indie. The sense of freedom, the ingenuity, the unabashed fearlessness of this game is what every indie should strive for.” Read Omar’s full review here


Rocket League

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“Rocket League is a great title that is easy to pick up and play, but also offers a great deal of depth for those who want to go deeper. It’s great to play for five minute bursts, but can also be enjoyed for extended play sessions by yourself or with friends alongside you. It looks great and has a pretty good soundtrack and even if soccer (I cracked) isn’t your cup of tea it is certainly worth a look.” Read Jack’s full review here



The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most engrossing and immersive experiences in gaming despite consistently poor writing and a charmless world. The sheer amount of freedom you have to stamp your footprint on Skyrim’s stories can’t be found anywhere else, and the portability of the Nintendo Switch version is enough to bring back series veterans like myself.” Read Carl’s full review here



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

The latest installment in the Super Smash Bros. series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is truly the definitive entry in Nintendo’s long-running franchise. Every single character to ever appear in a Super Smash Bros. game is here in all their HD glory, along with most stages — not every single stage from all the Super Smash Bros. games are present, but the best ones are. There are some new stages in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, too. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is easily one of the Top 10 Games on Nintendo Switch.


Stardew Valley

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“Harvest Moon 64 was one of my favorite games on the Nintendo 64; like with Ocarina of Time and Metroid Prime, Harvest Moon 64 is a game that I go back to annually. I haven’t latched onto any of the recent Harvest Moon games the same way I did with 64, though, and Harvest Moon-like games such as Rune Factory and Story of Seasons didn’t do it for me, either. I figured I’d try one more game that was reminiscent of Harvest Moon 64 in Stardew Valley for PlayStation 4. I put in a good five or six hours over the course of several days before it was officially announced for Nintendo Switch. That’s when I decided to hold off until it finally came out for Switch, and that decision has paid off because I can’t imagine any other way to play Stardew Valley.” Read Carl’s full review here


Super Mario Odyssey

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

“There are a handful of moments in Super Mario Odyssey that are really special. One of them is when Mayor Pauline performs “Jump Up, Super Star” during the New Donk City Festival while Mario leaps through an arcade-style Donkey Kong level. Two others occur during the game’s fantastic post-game content, and I won’t dare spoil either of those. The first and most important moment happens in the game’s third area, the ice-filled Sand Kingdom. I had already collected four or five Power Moons on my way to the main objective — and when I completed that, more of the Sand Kingdom opened up with a new objective on the map, and this process happened a few more times.” Read Carl’s full review here


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Top 10 Nintendo Switch games

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is my favorite game of 2017, and at 215 hours including The Champion’s Ballad DLC, it’s easily my most played game on Nintendo Switch. For me, Breath of the Wild ranks somewhere above Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker but below Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time. Link’s latest outing has some of the best aspects in any Zelda title — like the overworld design, freedom to explore, and art style — but also has some of the worst dungeons and storytelling in the series.

Let us know what your Top 10 Nintendo Switch games are!

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