What Are The Best Nintendo RPGs…That Aren’t Pokemon?


Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

The Mario & Luigi series is often overshadowed by the greatly loved and Paper Mario series. Even worse for Partners in Time is the fact that Nintendo have recently rereleased Superstar Saga and Bowser Inside Story for the 3DS, but have shafted the second entry in the franchise.

Charming writing and a lovely battle system make Partners in Time one of the greatest RPG’s released by Nintendo. Special moves trigger super minigames to rack up a higher damage output against your foe as your time your jumps or hammer swings at the right time making fights engaging throughout.


Xenoblade Chronicles X

Who doesn’t love flying around an open world in a massive mech? Xenoblade Chronicles X didn’t enjoy a great deal of success due to its release on the doomed Wii U, but for the most part it secured itself a good deal of critical praise. Exploring the foreign planet Mira is a real joy in XCX and the sheer size of some of the worlds creatures is impressive, but it does have its flaws.

XCX brings a fairly weak story to the table. The party system is fairly flawed as well. There are a lot of characters to include in your squad, but only Elma and Lin are actually main characters. The vast majority only ever get developed in their own side quests, but this left the main story feeling fairly empty of actual characters.

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    Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei, Tales of and Dragon Quest are some of the names you’d typically think of when you think of the RPG genre. Of course
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    Xenoblade Chronicles X was a terrible game. Took everything great about the first Xenoblade and shat on it hard. Music was horrible. Gameplay could leave you stuck on a quest you are not the right level for and you can’t abandon the quest so you just have to grind for hours and days to do the quest so you can then have it happen again randomly at any time when you take a quest. There is an extreme lack of main story but tons of side story. The Nopon invade the game early on and are there to annoy you at all times. I loved Xenoblade. I guess that’s why Xenoblade X really pissed me off. They removed what I loved about Xeno. They also made the main character not matter because you craft him yourself and he is silent so you might as well not exist in this world. It fails entirely at the silent protagonist. So yeah… Your list got the number 1 right lol. But X should be replaced with 2.

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