Mario and Zelda VR: Real, But Maybe Not Ideal

Yes, the Toycon VR headset is going to support more than just the Labo software itself. It was also announced that Super Mario Odyssey, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be receiving VR updates on April 25th. Odyssey will be releasing limited levels created for Labo VR, in what appears to be three smallish areas, while Breath of the Wild will be gaining full game support, that is, not including cutscenes.

Sounds like a blast. Running through Hyrule in full stereoscopic 3D, taking down Bokoblin camps, and soaring off mountain tops, all while awkwardly holding the Toycon VR Goggles to your face. That’s right, the Toycon Goggles do not include a head strap, instead you’re intended to hold the Switch aloft by the Joycons. It may be great for some 3D paragliding, but honestly I can’t imagine combat being that much fun.

The other worry is in how VR works on literally every other platform. VR is graphically intense, because it has to render the graphics twice if you want full stereoscopic 3D. Without the slightly desynced video you’re basically just pressing your face into a flat screen. Nintendo is run by wizards who really know how to make their games shine on less than perfect hardware, but I doubt even they can keep Breath of the Wild running at a suitable frame rate and resolution while rendering twice.

Be excited, but maybe tone down expectations just a bit. I hope that this means a bright future for VR content on Nintendo platforms, but it may be a while waiting. As of right now, only the stereoscopic 3D is confirmed, with no word on head tracking for camera control, although judging by the trailers, it appears unlikely.

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