Nintendo Switch’s hidden gems for April 2019

Another month has come and gone — and another slew of titles have flooded the Nintendo Switch eShop. Not sure where to begin? The Switch Era team has you covered.

Nintendo Switch’s hidden gems for April 2019

Hob: Definitive Edition

“When I think of the words ‘Zelda clone’ my gut reaction is a rush of excitement before looming disappointment sets in, after realising no imitator will come close to being as good as that benchmark. That might be the case for many following this path, but Hob sends you on a truly worthwhile adventure that pays tribute to top down journeys like Links Awakening and A Link Between Worlds. […] Hob has it’s flaws but they don’t diminish from the fantastic world building and gameplay that Runic Games have constructed here. I’d forgotten what it was like to be engrossed by a game like this straight out of the blue. Hob hits you with a chain of solid game design and elements from Metroidvanias and other modern titles without doing much flashy with it, but it still shines so brightly.” Read Pete’s full review here

Cytus Alpha

“The most important piece of information regarding Cytus Alpha that I must make clear, is the fact that it is actually a definitive version of Deemo and VOEZ. The title certainly doesn’t make it clear, so anyone who owns both of these titles won’t find a lot of new content here. There’s meant to be some new ones, but having never played either of the previous games I cannot identify how many are new. […] All in all sometimes you can infer how good a game is from what kind of criticism it receives. The fact that my biggest issue with Cytus Alpha is the palette should tell you that it is pretty good game. This game is gargantuan. It really is a title all rhythm game fans should own, if they don’t own the previous titles. You really can’t go wrong with the value for money and in the case of Cytus Alpha? Bigger is better.” Read Jack’s full review here

Katana Zero

“Overall though the actual gameplay is sublime. The difficulty is ramped up at a pace that always maintains and challenge throughout. As gun wielding enemies are sparse at the beginning they become more common later on. Each segment completed feels rewarding and the penalty for death never feels too severe, nor does the game ever feel unfair. The satisfaction you feel once you gracefully cut down a room full of enemies without stopping is maintained throughout the entire game. […] Issues with end game content aside, Katana Zero is an amazing title. Substance and style are hand in hand here, just as The Dragon and his katana are. It truly is a thrilling and engaging experience from start to finish, one that many gamers should check out!” Read Jack’s full review here


“Honestly, I feel like I have nothing but praise for OVERWHELM. The New Game + mode keeps things fresh by dictating the run for you, randomly determining the order of the bosses as well as mirroring the map. Little touches like the viewable screen area shrinking as you lose lives, and enemy sound cues growing as you approach add to the claustrophobic origins of the Metroid-like genre. OVERWHELM feels like both an evolution and twist on old favorites. While I didn’t get the chance to play the co-op, I spend the proceeding days screaming at all of my friends, telling them to play OVERWHELM. It may be too early to say, but this might be my indie game of the year.” Read Cody’s full review here

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