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Joshua is a passionate comic book/game journalist and Nintendo fan. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Follow Joshua on Twitter.

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serial cleaner review
Serial Cleaner Review – Hide the Body

Many games see you taking the role of a member of a crime gang or a brooding vigilante to wipe up the city streets. I thought that I’d seen it all in this light, but Serial Cleaner proved me wrong. There are still plenty of other variations on the “violence and killing” theme that have yet to […]

the end is nigh review
The End is Nigh Review – Earth is Doomed

The End is Nigh is the latest platformer from Nicalis and Edmund McMillen. The other works credited to their names are Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac. Those games were both creepy, unsettling, difficult, and tons of fun all the way through. They helped to define what the indie genre could be and, for the most part, The […]

cat quest
Cat Quest to get Christmas “Santa Claws” update

Fans of Cat Quest, rejoice! The GentleBros have just announced today on their Twitter page that their hit pawsome adventure will be receiving a Christmas update on all available platforms. No specific details were given, but a new boss, series of quests, and enemies were all confirmed to be added in this update. There was also an […]

worms wmd review
Worms W.M.D. Review – Ready, Aim, Fire!

The Worms series has always been one of the high points for developer Team 17. The simple premise of getting an army of overly British worms to use insane weapons to try and beat each other in a drastic game war is fun enough. While they’re not a massive franchise in the gaming industry, it’s familiar enough […]

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth Review – Life Among the Stars

In game creation, it’s interesting to see developers’ visions come to life. No two games are alike; with all sorts of quirks and design choices separating them. Some games prioritize a central mechanic, others focus on online play. OPUS: The Day We Found Earth solely prioritizes its story. There’s something innately magnetic about OPUS. Even if you read the […]

crimsonland review
Crimsonland Review – I Can’t Believe It’s Not Doom

Developer 10tons has been one of the biggest Nintendo Switch supporters, especially in the top-down shooter department. Between Neon Chrome, JYDGE, and Time Recoil, they’ve essentially cornered that section of the market for themselves. Recently, they released their newest 2D shooter on the Nintendo Switch – Crimsonland. Unlike the games that came before it, this title is focused on carnage […]

resident evil revelations review
Resident Evil Revelations Review – All Bark, No Bite

Capcom is one of the few third-party developers who hasn’t doubled down on the Switch. They’re unsure of Nintendo’s new console due to their experience with the Wii U (which is a fair concern), but after everyone else and their grandmother started bringing great games to the system, Capcom is still lagging behind. As of […]

vvvvvv review
VVVVVV Review – Which Way is Up?

I remember a time several years ago when 2D indie platformers were the most interesting games coming out at the time. Titles like Limbo, Braid, and Fez all brought new mechanics to a tried and true formula. They were true projects of innovation. Another great product of this period was VVVVVV.

cat quest review
Cat Quest Review – A-meow-zing Adventure

The legacy that The Legend of Zelda on the NES left to the gaming industry can still be felt today, as many indie developers have played their hands at recreating that formula for a modern audience (for better or worse). That’s where The Gentlebros Games comes in. This team had a clear vision that all started with […]

perception review
Perception Review – An Eye for an Eye

When it comes to horror games, the Nintendo Switch could stand to have a little bit more options. It’s most recent indie horror title, Perception, comes from The Deep End Games to not only provide a scary experience for players but to tell an interesting and culturally relevant story. It draws from classic scary stories as well […]

splasher review
Splasher Review – INKredible Speed

2D indie platformers aren’t exactly a dying market. With it being easier than ever to craft a minimalist title reminiscent of the platformers back in the day, many developers have given it their best to create a great and cheap game. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t impress us very much (apart from a few […]

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