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New Splatoon 2 mode, Clam Blitz, now available

Splatoon 2‘s latest game mode, Clam Blitz, is now available to play with the version 2.1.0 update. Changes to Multiplayer Clam Blitz will now appear in Ranked and League Battles. After you’ve played it once, it will also be selectable in Private Battles. Fixed an issue in which a player submerged in a wall or […]

New Splatfest announced: Sweaters vs Socks

A new Splatfest has been announced. This time, the question is what lousy gift would you prefer to receive, an ugly sweater or dumb socks? The event will happening during the next Saturday and you can already select a team in the game. If you want to hear what Off the Hook has to say […]

Splatoon 2 update includes new stages, mode, and more

Nintendo has announced two new updates for Splatoon 2. The first one will arrive on November 23 and will include new stages, new amiibo functionality, new hairstyle options, and more. The second update will arrive during the middle of December and will include a completely new mode called Clam Blitz. More information in the press […]

octodad dadliest catch review
Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is game that definitely catches your attention when you notice its silly looking main character, an octopus pretending to be a man. This is the main idea from Young Horses’s game: How would it be if an octopus decided to live between humans and what kind of silly moments could it cause […]

Science Fiction Vs Fantasy Splatfest results

The newest Splatfest results have been announced. In a battle between Science Fiction Vs Fantasy, the inklings have chosen Fantasy as the winner. You can check the comments from Off The Hook in the video below:

ARMS updated to version 4 – New character, Misango, added!

Nintendo has just released the previously teased new update for ARMS. As usual, one of the main changes is the addition of a new fighter, Misango, and a new stage. The update also adds a new game mode called “Party Crash”. Full details of all the changes are available in the changelog below the character […]

New Splatfest announced: Science Fiction Vs Fantasy

A new Splatfest has been announced: Science Fiction Vs Fantasy. The event will start on this Friday, November 17, at 9:00 pm PT and will last for 24 hours. Want to see what Pearl and Marina think about it? Have a look:

poi explorer edition review
Poi: Explorer Edition Review – Retro Inspired Platforming

Poi is a game that always called my attention since the moment it was announced and planned for the Wii U mostly for what it was trying to do as a game. In a time where there were pretty much no 3D Platformers, Poi was one of the projects trying to fill that spot. After […]

Splatoon 2 now updated to version 1.4.1

A new update is now available for Splatoon 2. This patch is mostly a bug fix and no major changes are included. You can check the change log below: Fixed an issue allowing Brella weapons used by opponents to shoot while their umbrellas remained open. Fixed an issue allowing players using the Goo Tuber to […]

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