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Omar is a huge Nintendo fan but dabbles in PC and PlayStation gaming as well. His favorite game of all time is Super Metroid. If there are any hidden gems you want Omar to check out, let him know in the comments!

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L.A. Noire Review – A Different Kind of War

Let me bring you to the land of 1947 Los Angeles where the American Dream is flourishing, and anything seems possible. Yet, with the beautiful flowers of prosperity comes the rotten, rancid roots on which it is based. After six years, L.A. Noire is still one of the most engaging and different games of the […]

stick it to the man review
Stick It to the Man Review – An Adult Sticker Book

Stick It to the Man is one of the most gross looking games I have ever played, and I love it for that. Ray, the protagonist and professional hard hat tester, is walking home from work one night when a container holding a mysterious creature strikes him on the head. From there he awakes to […]

maria the witch review
Maria the Witch Review – Delivery Not Received

Maria the Witch is a more in-depth Flappy Bird clone with less intuitive controls. In this game you control Maria, a mail-carrying witch who must return all the letters that were stolen by the main protagonist, Zaki (absolutely not Hayao Miyazaki). Joking aside, there is a considerable Miyzaki influence in the art style in Maria […]

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