Early Splatoon development detailed: Tofu and Rabbits

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    The early development of Splatoon has been discussed a lot since the game debuted. Up until now not much had actually been known about the early build
    [See the full post at: Early Splatoon development detailed: Tofu and Rabbits]

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    lol I can’t even imagine what it would have been like with rabbits. squid kids are a much better xhoice

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    tofus are full of liquid irl though so it could still work. the tofus could squirt out their tofu juices instead of ink. maybe i’m just attracted to the idea because i want a game where i can play as my true form finally being represented: soft squishy fragile white blob.

    honestly though it’s really neat to learn all of this behind the scenes stuff and see the process of cool innovative games coming into fruition. the rabbits are so strange to me! i’m glad they came to the same conclusion.

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