Fortnite and Paladins have supplanted Splatoon 2 for me

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    As I said in my Fortnite review, I didn’t really understand the craze when I played the game on PlayStation 4. My experiences were always pretty sour
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    Not for me. They don’t have motion controls.

    Ok… Fortnite now suddenly has motion controls with today’s update so my argument doesn’t work for that one anymore. XD Still, I guess it’s just a game that just doesn’t call my attention enough to even download it. And I’m not saying it’s a bad game, I guess it’s just that I don’t like that type of gameplay/genre.

    Paladins is the one that has always called my attention but there’s still no motion controls on that one. Even if that happens, though, it won’t replace Splatoon for me. It simply doesn’t have the charm that the Splatoon franchise has.

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