Hopes and expectations for Pokémon on Nintendo Switch

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    A Pokémon console game has been something of a dream long before the Nintendo Switch was officially announced. Fans were anticipating a console releas
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    i think we need to go back to the basics with villains, bring back team rocket classic corporate criminals, that kind of goes into the story point

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    A senior Giovanni as well as Jesse and James? I wouldn’t mind that. Jesse and James were in Yellow.

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    ohhhh i want most of these so bad! it’s a crime that we haven’t been able to travel between multiple regions since gen 2/the remakes. and even though it doesn’t necessarily bother me personally, i’ve heard lots of complaints from seasoned pokemon players about the games progressively getting easier and holding your hand through everything, so being able to choose difficulty would be so helpful in maintaining the interest of a wider audience.

    but wow wow wow just thinking about an open world pokemon game gives me the biggest heart eyes.

    i feel like i care less about new pokemon as time goes on, there are soooo many of them now and i can’t even remember a lot of the newer ones tbh. it’s getting difficult to keep track. plus as an extremely indecisive person too many choices ruins my day. although it is always interesting to see what new stuff they come up with.

    team rocket is def one of the better evil teams that they’ve come up with, but the only one that’s been introduced that i wasn’t too fond of was team plasma. well i guess team flare is kinda eh too and galactic is forgettable to me. but i adore team aqua/magma and team skull.

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