L.A. Noire’s required download is on Nintendo, not Rockstar

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    Switching Blame There’s been a lot of hullabaloo recently over the revelation that L.A. Noire Switch will require a 14GB download for the physical ver
    [See the full post at: L.A. Noire’s required download is on Nintendo, not Rockstar]

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    the fact of the matter is that you shouldn’t even have to buy an SD card at all – Have you ever owned a portable system? PS Vita, 3DS both needed large SD cards to be purchased additionally (at least they don’t have to be proprietary). It’s the price you pay for portability. Also you spelt Blu-ray three seperate ways in your article.

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      you dont need an sd card for any 3DS games

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    Nintendo built a winning and smart system. Dosing Switches with bulk internal mem may have blown out costs. It’s the compromise of the design.
    If Switch had 128GB, ppl would still be complaining on lack of space and over pricing.
    Buy physical and if need, most ppl would have older microSDs laying around, they’re used in everything

    Ubisoft demonstrates 1st hand how small, solid, unique and successful a game can be that’s tailor made for Switch.

    Its lazy of devs to take PC esque games and just try to cram port these games on Switch

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    The Watcher

    I enjoyed my PSP 3000 hybrid portable so much, on the go and on the big screen TV. And storage was never a problem.
    I hope your opinion on this matter will help Nintendo to make gamer friendly and developer friendly decisions next time and not just for the sake of their bottom line.

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