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The End is Nigh Review - Earth is Doomed
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The End is Nigh Review - Earth is Doomed
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Nintendo Switch’s hidden gems for November 2017

November was a huge month for the Nintendo Switch, getting high-profile games like DOOM and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A bunch of wonderful releases went overlooked, and the Switch Era team is here to highlight each of the Nintendo Switch titles that you may have missed. From Pedro’s review of Resident Evil Revelations 2: “Resident Evil Revelations 2 […]

superbeat xonic ex review
SUPERBEAT: XONiC EX Review – Get Rhythm

SUPERBEAT: XONiC is a rhythm game. A genre that saw a massive boom from the release of the rock juggernaut Guitar Hero that saw imitators try to get in on the act. Rock Band made their attempt at the rhythm throne by adding in an entire bloody band, but eventually the market was totally saturated […]

stick it to the man review
Stick It to the Man Review – An Adult Sticker Book

Stick It to the Man is one of the most gross looking games I have ever played, and I love it for that. Ray, the protagonist and professional hard hat tester, is walking home from work one night when a container holding a mysterious creature strikes him on the head. From there he awakes to […]

Shin Megami Tensei V will be localized

ATLUS announced today that Shin Megami Tensei V will be localized for a western release. This latest installment in the Shin Megami Tensei series is exclusive to Nintendo Switch. [ Source ]

resident evil revelations 2 review
Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review – Learning And Improving

I have been a fan of Resident Evil for a very long time. From the sense of desperation in its hardcore survival gameplay aspects to a story that has always been simple, Resident Evil has been right up my alley; however, with recent entries such as Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, the series […]

Yooka-Laylee for Switch is “most optimized” version

Playtonic Games managing director and creative lead, Gavin Price, recently spoke with Nintendo Life regarding the December 14, 2017 release of Yooka-Laylee and revealed a few interesting tidbits about the Nintendo Switch version. “We’ve actually made improvements and this is definitely the most optimised version of the game,” Price said. “Our priority with the Switch […]

resident evil revelations review
Resident Evil Revelations Review – All Bark, No Bite

Capcom is one of the few third-party developers who hasn’t doubled down on the Switch. They’re unsure of Nintendo’s new console due to their experience with the Wii U (which is a fair concern), but after everyone else and their grandmother started bringing great games to the system, Capcom is still lagging behind. As of […]

Switch owners aren’t trading in their consoles

Fewer Nintendo Switch consoles are being traded into GameStop compared to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, according to the retail giant’s CEO Dan DeMatteo. “So, on the Switch, we would expect that that would be a more meaningful contributor to our preowned business probably in the latter half of 2018, just recognizing that part of […]

batman the telltale series review
Batman – The Telltale Series Review – Be the Bat

Batman – The Telltale Series is a Batman title completely different from the critically-acclaimed Arkham series that’s come before it; the best way to describe this iteration of the Dark Knight is that it’s an interactive television show. Telltale has consistently made some of the best story-driven games in the industry and that continues with Batman – The […]

Cyber Monday deals hit Nintendo Switch eShop

A whole bunch of Nintendo Switch games have gone on sale on the eShop, including WayForward’s The Mummy Demastered and 10tons’s Neon Chrome. The full list of discounted games on the Nintendo Switch eShop follows: GoNNER – $7.49 (was $9.99) Has-Been Heroes – $9.99 (was $19.99) Heroes of the Monkey Tavern – $7.49 (was $9.99) Ironcast – […]

rocket league review
Rocket League Review – Sensational Goal!

Rocket League has been around for a while, but for those not familiar with the title let me explain. It’s a pretty unique title and one that is fairly easy to explain. You play football (Or should I say soccer to accommodate a the Americans reading?) in cars with a rocket booster attached to them. […]

xenoraid review
Xenoraid Review – Galaga With Choices

I’m sure most of us remember playing Galaga when we were younger — it’s a great game that for many of us started our journey as gamers. I recently replayed the original Galaga and while it’s a blast, I couldn’t help but wish it had some modern features. When I heard 10tons was releasing Xenoraid, a […]

Splatoon 2 update includes new stages, mode, and more

Nintendo has announced two new updates for Splatoon 2. The first one will arrive on November 23 and will include new stages, new amiibo functionality, new hairstyle options, and more. The second update will arrive during the middle of December and will include a completely new mode called Clam Blitz. More information in the press […]

spellspire review
Spellspire Review – Wizardly Education

Nowadays with easy access to downloadable games, a large amount of game developers have tried to incorporate learning into their video games. 10tons wanted to bring this peculiar market to the Nintendo Switch with its latest port, Spellspire. How enjoyable is this educative video game on the Switch?

octodad dadliest catch review
Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is game that definitely catches your attention when you notice its silly looking main character, an octopus pretending to be a man. This is the main idea from Young Horses’s game: How would it be if an octopus decided to live between humans and what kind of silly moments could it cause […]

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is coming to Nintendo Switch
Valkyria Chronicles 4 is coming to Nintendo Switch

Valkyria Chronicles 4, the latest entry in SEGA’s strategy-RPG series, will be getting a release on Nintendo Switch in 2018 alongside PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Check out the official website for Valkyria Chronicles 4, as well as a teaser trailer, here.

Science Fiction Vs Fantasy Splatfest results

The newest Splatfest results have been announced. In a battle between Science Fiction Vs Fantasy, the inklings have chosen Fantasy as the winner. You can check the comments from Off The Hook in the video below:

sonic forces review
Sonic Forces Review – A Trio of Heroes

With the recent success of Sonic Mania many eyes now gaze at Sonic Forces as it tries to follow up to the nostalgia trip that had a lot of people happy and returns to the 3D style of Sonic games we are used to. Sonic Forces is a title that returns to the modern Sonic […]

ARMS updated to version 4 – New character, Misango, added!

Nintendo has just released the previously teased new update for ARMS. As usual, one of the main changes is the addition of a new fighter, Misango, and a new stage. The update also adds a new game mode called “Party Crash”. Full details of all the changes are available in the changelog below the character […]

skyrim switch review
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Switch Review

Note: All of the screenshots for this Skyrim Switch review were taken by the reviewer in handheld mode. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of the first games unveiled for the Nintendo Switch, and despite it being a six-year-old game, it’s been one of the platform’s most anticipated releases. Skyrim is a game that has […]

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