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The End is Nigh Review - Earth is Doomed
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The End is Nigh Review - Earth is Doomed
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New Splatfest announced: Science Fiction Vs Fantasy

A new Splatfest has been announced: Science Fiction Vs Fantasy. The event will start on this Friday, November 17, at 9:00 pm PT and will last for 24 hours. Want to see what Pearl and Marina think about it? Have a look:

the flame in the flood review
The Flame in the Flood Review – Endless Rivers of Joy

With the many recent additions to the Switch’s indie library, I quickly came to realize that one genre that was lacking any representation was the survival genre — that was until I found The Flame in the Flood. The Switch version is a port of a beloved Steam game that brings many new and old […]

vvvvvv review
VVVVVV Review – Which Way is Up?

I remember a time several years ago when 2D indie platformers were the most interesting games coming out at the time. Titles like Limbo, Braid, and Fez all brought new mechanics to a tried and true formula. They were true projects of innovation. Another great product of this period was VVVVVV.

the end is nigh
The End is Nigh this December

Nicalis has announced the release date for The End is Nigh, the latest game from Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen.

doom switch review
DOOM Switch Review – Fight Like Hell

I never thought I would see Bethesda bring games to the Nintendo Switch, especially a game like DOOM; this demon-slaying first person shooter is the type of graphically demanding and mature title that Nintendo consoles have lacked since, well, the original DOOM released on the Super NES. There’s been a lot of talk back and forth about whether DOOM […]

maria the witch review
Maria the Witch Review – Delivery Not Received

Maria the Witch is a more in-depth Flappy Bird clone with less intuitive controls. In this game you control Maria, a mail-carrying witch who must return all the letters that were stolen by the main protagonist, Zaki (absolutely not Hayao Miyazaki). Joking aside, there is a considerable Miyzaki influence in the art style in Maria […]

cat quest review
Cat Quest Review – A-meow-zing Adventure

The legacy that The Legend of Zelda on the NES left to the gaming industry can still be felt today, as many indie developers have played their hands at recreating that formula for a modern audience (for better or worse). That’s where The Gentlebros Games comes in. This team had a clear vision that all started with […]

tallowmere review
Tallowmere Review – Into the Dungeon

Tallowmere throws you straight into the game. After a simple title screen you find yourself in the hub world in front of a key and a few NPCs. Featuring Tallowmere herself, a merchant, a kitten sacrificer, and few other things to interact with, after you get the bearings of what this hub has to offer it’s […]

nintendo download: doom, la noire, more hitting switch
Nintendo Download: DOOM, L.A. Noire, more hitting Switch

This weeks Nintendo Download features several high-profile third party and indie titles releasing on Nintendo Switch.

ittle dew 2+ review
Ittle Dew 2+ Review – Ittle Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is my favorite video game series, so Zelda-clones have a special place in my heart — whether it’s the relatively charmless Oceanhorn or the masterful Elliot Quest. Ittle Dew 2+ is the latest Zelda-clone to hit Nintendo Switch and takes after the original The Legend of Zelda, while adding plenty of unique twists, undeniable charm, and hard as […]

king oddball review
King Oddball Review – Angry Birds Meet Switch

10tons has been a pretty consistent Switch developer, putting out many games across different genres on the platform. Recently 10tons ported a mobile game called King Oddball, which has a striking resemblance to Angry Birds. This game has been fairly popular on iOS but even with the Switch’s portable nature, how does this mobile port […]

morphite review
Morphite Review – The Dead of Space

Morphite is a first-person planetary exploration game from indie developer Crescent Moon Games. There have been a lot of comparisons made between Morphite and No Man’s Sky, and they’re somewhat accurate: Morphite is what you get when you strip the few elements from No Man’s Sky that were actually good — the varied and beautiful planets and their flora […]

perception review
Perception Review – An Eye for an Eye

When it comes to horror games, the Nintendo Switch could stand to have a little bit more options. It’s most recent indie horror title, Perception, comes from The Deep End Games to not only provide a scary experience for players but to tell an interesting and culturally relevant story. It draws from classic scary stories as well […]

time recoil review
Time Recoil Review – Time Is Your Weapon

10tons has been a very active indie developer ever since their first Switch release, Neon Chrome. I have been able to receive and review each and every single one of their games thus far, so when I heard Time Recoil was going to be yet another spin on the successful format of Neon Chrome, I […]

grezzo remastering zelda game
Is Grezzo remastering a Zelda game?

Grezzo, the developer behind The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D, have posted a job recruiting HD developers for a “Legend” game using Unreal 4.

heroes of the monkey tavern review
Heroes of the Monkey Tavern Review

Heroes of the Monkey Tavern is a dungeon-crawler in the vein of some old-school classics like Shining the Holy Ark, and more recently, Etrian Odyssey. Where Heroes of the Monkey Tavern differs from the classics of yesteryear is how much game there actually is to play; Monkey Tavern is really only a small portion of what should have been a […]

top five captures in super mario odyssey
Top five CAPtures in Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey has been in most peoples hands for quite some time now, and if anyone was  as glued to their seat as I was while traveling the Kingdoms as one of gamings most unlikey heroes, you’ve probably beaten the game and taken control of a lot of the 50+ targets. There is no […]

poi explorer edition review
Poi: Explorer Edition Review – Retro Inspired Platforming

Poi is a game that always called my attention since the moment it was announced and planned for the Wii U mostly for what it was trying to do as a game. In a time where there were pretty much no 3D Platformers, Poi was one of the projects trying to fill that spot. After […]

moon hunters review
Moon Hunters Review – Forge Your Myth

I remember seeing the Kickstarter for Moon Hunters and being really excited for the game; Moon Hunters is a Diablo-like game with vibrant colors and dialogue options that affect how the game unfolds. There are a lot of neat ideas in Moon Hunters, but despite that — and my excitement to finally play this game on Nintendo Switch — Moon […]

gonner review
Gonner Review – Jump Forever, Die Forever

With the recent release of Super Mario Odyssey, it is hard to deny that platformers can be very entertaining. Platforming is personally fun because of the pure simplicity involved with these games, but the worst thing that comes with this simplicity is the game’s length, which is usually rather short. Gonner is a platformer so […]

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